4 Pakistani Fashion Trends To Follow In 2021


Pakistani fashion trends can change more often these days than they ever have before. One reason for this is social media, with more people seeing more of what is on offer, especially through the use of Pakistani fashion influencers. There are some fashion trends that are common in Pakistan, but most of the time, the designers and any local brands will follow similar styles and trends. There are a number of trends that are being followed by the general public and celebrities alike. So here are some of the Pakistani fashion trends to look out for before the year is out.

Tie-Dye Outfits

Back in the 90s, tie-dye was something that was all the rage with tie-dye dupattas being common. However, they quickly went out of fashion. Back in 2021, the tie-dye trend is back, and back in a big way. There are outfits that you can find that are bold and bright, but with others being a more subtle nod to the trend, so there are a number of ways to wear this style. You can make outfits yourself in this way, but you will see more and more on the shelves to buy at the moment.

Bold Prints

The 80s was a time to celebrate bold prints and embrace wearing a shalwar kameez that was fully printed. That was something that calmed down over time, with many opting for plain options instead. More recently, women have grown to like the idea of having plain trousers and shalwars. However, in 2021, both designers and local brands of Pakistani fashion have branched out into adding prints and motifs to their trousers and shalwars, with bold prints making a comeback in a big way with floral prints being popular, as well as geometric patterns and prints.

Organza Duppatas

Organza Duppatas have come back in fashion in recent years, and they have made a really big comeback. Again, this is a trend that is a nod to one seen in the 90s, but it is making waves in the Pakistani fashion world. The materials used are simply stunning, with many leading designers choosing this as a staple in their collections in 2021. The organza fabric can be printed too, for a really pretty and delicate style. Not only do they look elegant, but they are a great option for when there is any warmer weather.

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional Pakistani jewellery is another trend to look out for. A lot of traditional jewellery is worn for particular events, such as weddings or for Eid celebrations, with jhumkas and baliya being popular choices. However, these days, the jewellery doesn’t need to be worn for only such big or special occasions, with many celebrities seen wearing their traditional jewellery for more casual events, as well as for everyday wear to brighten up an outfit.

What fashion trends are you looking forward to trying out? Are there any other Pakistani fashion trends that you’re excited to see this year? It would be great to hear what you think.