5 Arguments in Favour of Choosing Kazakhstani Higher Education


The growing interest of Kazakhstanis in foreign higher education in recent years is understandable – this is prestige, and connections, and a foreign language and, of course, quality. But there is also a domestic higher school, which also has its advantages.

  1. Price

Every year, Kazakhstan hosts a competition for educational grants to higher educational institutions, both from the state and from various private structures, including the universities themselves.

State grants involve full reimbursement of the cost of tuition to the university for the student, as well as the payment of a scholarship to the latter.

Some private organizations also periodically provide training grants. True, in this case, entrepreneurs prefer to sign agreements with students on the obligations of working for a certain period of time at the enterprise. In this case, the issue of further employment of the student after MBBS in Kazakhstan is automatically resolved.

And the higher educational institutions themselves often arrange contests among applicants for various discounts (sometimes up to 100%) for studying within their walls. Holders of various awards, medals, prize-winners of various Olympiads, children from socially vulnerable groups, as well as applicants living in rural areas, have a number of privileges when entering MBBS college China.

  1. Choice space

The domestic system of higher education provides applicants with a wide choice of universities, specialties and even the language of instruction, which will certainly make it more attractive.

So, at the moment there are 136 universities in Kazakhstan (in 2012 – 139), of which 80 received the right to place state educational grants last year. And even after the forthcoming reduction in their number to 100, the list of alternative options will continue to be large.

The applicant is also given a wide choice of future profession – from economist, lawyer, programmer, doctor to geologist, astronomer, chemist and agronomist. There are at least 160 specialties in total. An undoubted advantage is also the possibility of obtaining higher education in Kazakh, Russian or English.

  1. Unified exam

After the introduction of a unified national testing in Kazakhstan, both as a final exam for schoolchildren and as an entrance exam for future students, the load, both moral and physical, on students decreased. Now children do not need to spend extra time, including the summer months, preparing for entrance exams, as well as experience repeated stress from the next test of knowledge. Moreover, preparation for passing the tests has been carried out over the last two years of schooling.

  1. Orientation to the Kazakhstani labour market

Kazakhstani higher education is primarily focused on the domestic labour market. Despite the existing differences between the training system and the real skills required for work, graduates of Kazakhstani universities are more adapted to the requirements of Kazakhstani companies. Grow Well Consultancy is a leading education consultant firm in India. The trained counsellors will personally guide you throughout the admission process.

  1. Parental control

Away from the parental home, it is much more difficult for parents to exercise control over their children, from which their anxiety only increases. Parents are worried about the health of children who are left alone in a distant foreign country, and about the likelihood of falling under the influence of local crime bosses, and for the inability to come to the rescue in a difficult situation.

MBBS in Kazakhstan, although it does not eliminate all problems, nevertheless allows parents to be more aware of the life of their children, to protect them from dangers and help as needed.