5 Essentials for Your Inspirational Journey to the Mountains


So, you had enough of it. Nothing goes the way you want, and you now want to go de-stress on some mountains and let go of the unpleasantries. You can leave behind your digital devices and get a total detox. Too much screen time gives you eyestrain, eye fatigue, headaches, and all this can add to your stress levels.

Grab your bag and head out. But wait, you need more than just a bag. You are going on a backpacking trip, a journey to understand yourself better, and to find out what makes you happier. Or you are just moving out to get some inspiration. Different people, different purposes. But overall, you are seeking to find peace. And you cannot get peace unless you don’t get bothered over trivial things. Prepare well for your important journey and get the essentials that will aid you.


This is the most crucial object for a glasses wearer. You cannot leave your glasses behind, but your adventurous trip becomes a bit too sporty for your regular office glasses. If they are ill fit, then you will risk losing them. Get sports glasses that will fit just right on your face, and you won’t lose on the style factor too.

And for the lenses, try transition lenses. Your regular office lenses are not good for travelling. They can be made of blue light lenses that block 90 per cent of blue light emissions. But while travelling, there is abundant blue light, but you are not focusing your attention on them. You are exposed to harsh sunlight, sudden flashes and the notorious UV rays. If you are going to mountains, then the UV index will make it difficult to go out without any protective eyewear. And transition glasses does a better job of blocking the harsh light and the UV rays. 

Good Shoes

Good shoes will take you to good places. And for the mountains, you will need very very good shoes. Comfortable shoes will help you in advancing the heights with ease.

Comfortable Outfit 

And obviously, you need a good outfit. A nice athleisure outfit to give you the utmost comfort. Also, an outfit that will match your style. You can click few pics with your stylish sports outfit and matching sporty glasses. You cannot leave fashion behind. Good looks are crucial everywhere.


You will need a handy bag that could fit most of your requirements. 

An oversized bag will be more of a hassle. You will need something that you can carry around everywhere. And for that, you will need to travel light. Too much luggage will hinder your journey. You might think that bringing this and that would help you. But really, you don’t need all of that. You are out for travelling and not to settle down.

Survival Skills

If you cannot adjust to the rough atmosphere and difficult terrain, then going out will be less inspirational. It will be more of a tortured journey. You will enjoy the beauty of nature. But if you bicker all the way, you should try a different destination. 

You can enjoy your mountain climb if you can handle all the adversities that come with climbing the mountain. 

For non-glasses wearers, a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses are a must. Also, a layer of UV 400 should be on the glasses to make them appropriate for the mountains. You need to protect your eyes from the harm of the mountains. You can forget any of the essentials for travelling at home, but if you forget your transition glasses or sunglasses, you will be jeopardizing your whole trip. You will have trouble seeing clearly in the cold region with harsh sunlight. It will not just be unpleasant. UV rays can harm your eyesight and cause both temporary or permanent blindness. 

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