5 helpful tips for working moms with Newborns

5 helpful tips for working moms with Newborns

Life is tough for Working Moms. We understand how difficult it is to work while you have a newborn by your side. Have you thought about buying some essentials such as a wagon stroller

The biggest problem working moms face is that they don’t get time to spend with their newborns. As a mother, this is the hardest thing. However, certain things can be done for mothers to spend some quality time with their newborns. 

There are certain essential things that you should have. This is because these essentials make it easier for you to carry out certain activities. For instance, if you have a Wonderfold stroller wagon, you can take your child out for walks, take them shopping, etc. 

Read this article to find some tips that can help you spend some quality time with your baby.

Go on early morning walks

Going out for walks is beneficial for everyone. Especially for people who have to sit in their office all day long. So, why not take advantage of this? 

Early morning walks can be a good chance for you to spend time with your baby. If you have twins, you can always invest in a stroller or a wonderfold wagon x2 double stroller wagon. You could go out for a walk with them every morning before you leave for work. 

This will not only help you spend time with your child but will have other benefits as well. It will be healthy for the child to take a stroll in nature. Moreover, it will help set a routine for the child. 

Have fun during bath time

A child needs to take a bath every night before going to sleep. It calms them down and helps them sleep better. However, bath time should not be boring. 

You can use this time to see how your kid is doing. Also, this is the best time to teach them about the five senses. This is crucial for a child growing up – to know what they can see, smell, etc. 

You can use different bath toys with different colours and shapes. Tell them about them. For added fun, you can add bubbles to the bath. Let them play with the bubbles and play with them. This way you will be able to have some fun with your child. 

Take them to the office with you

Some mothers are fortunate enough to have workplaces that allow them to bring their children with them at times. If your workplace is generous enough, don’t let this opportunity go!

When you can take your newborn to your office, introduce them to your colleagues. This way, they will get social as well. You can take your baby’s wonderfold double stroller wagon with you. 

This way, it will be easier for you to carry your baby and all your belongings. A double stroller can be beneficial as it will give you space to keep all the baby things in it along with the baby. Thus, you will not be wasting a lot of space. 

Read stories with them

Storytime is an important part of every child’s life. This habit has to be instilled in a child from the very beginning. Therefore, you must read to them whenever you have the time. Also, keep in mind storytime is not always before bedtime. 

To make storytime enjoyable, you can take your baby out on your day. Preferably during the evening. You can take your baby out for a stroll in their wonderfold stroller wagon w2. After a short walk, you can sit with them somewhere in the park. 

Then you can read them a story while pinpointing any similarities between the story and your surroundings. You can also give them small snacks while reading their story!

Take them out 

Understandably, a working mom will have to go out to get groceries, etc. Usually, mothers leave their babies home while they go out. However, if you are a working mom, you will want to spend maximum time with your child. Thus, you should take them with you!

You can take them in a wonderfold wagon (2 seater) or one-seater. This way, you will be able to do your shopping while the child stays safe in their stroller. If you start doing so, you can get to spend maximum time with your baby!

To wrap it up!

Working mothers find it hard to bond with their newborn children. This is because of time constraints. However, if you start managing things to balance both your work life and spend time with your child, you can bond with them in the same way as any other mother!


It might not seem that easy, but you have to start somewhere!

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