5 Myths about Custom Printed Boxes with Display Lid

Custom Printed Boxes

Before investing in a particular packaging solution, businesses usually prefer doing extensive research. They may come across a few myths in their way that can dissuade them from buying a specific packaging. The same is the case with custom printed boxes despite the fact that they are fairly common in the market. There are certain things that get questioned about these packages. If they are not cleared, the businesses might not be able to capitalize on the true potential of these boxes.

In this article, we will tackle some of the most common myths that are perceived as true regarding custom packages with lids.

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Out of Budget:

The most prevalent myth that is whispering in the market these days is that custom display packages are expensive. The general perception is that these boxes require an extensive design process that is quite costly. Normally, when you order the standard packaging solutions, the design costs are already amortized. Based on the apparent analysis, you might be convinced that custom boxes cost you additional charges.

Try to look at the other side of the picture when you have a chance to decide on the quantity of manufacturing material. You can have a more controlled size of the box that is smaller than the stock option. This presents a huge prospect to limit down your expenses by a significant amount. Another cost-saving opportunity is to choose wholesale boxes rather than retail ones. Thanks to the lightweight of cardboard, these boxes matter greatly in curtailing the shipping expenses that are unaffordable sometimes.

Identical Design:

There is no denying of the fact that custom boxes are more or less crafted from the same material. But, it is not justifiable to think that all of them have the same designs. The design variations are limitless and depend upon what kind of products you desire to pack in them. They can have a different design for packaging cookies and other confectionery or baked items. Likewise, they may be designed for displaying cosmetic products in an exquisite manner. The blend of various colors, graphics, and illustrations can transform their exterior in your anticipated look. The flexibility proposed by their manufacturing material allows you to bring further innovation in their style. You can introduce custom inserts and die-cut windows to ensure a distinguished design from that of your competitors. Little customization in the form of finishing options can also transform the display of your items completely.

Printing Is Complex:

The rough appearance of the texture makes people believe that custom display packages are not easy to print on. Being originally brown does not mean that printing of various colors cannot be performed on them. The texture might be rough, but it is even and smooth, which matters the most in the printing process. You need to understand that they are compatible with all of the printing processes, even the advanced ones. Lithography, flexography, digital, silkscreen, all of these printing methodologies could be used depending on the print volume and desired aesthetic results. The content ranging from the product benefits to visual branded elements can be printed in a cost-effective manner. Various service providers can print complicated logos, refined artwork, and high-impact images to make your packages look classy and elegant.

Fragile and Subtle:

It is beyond reality that people start believing that custom packages are pressure-sensitive and can break quite easily. It might have held true for stock packaging, but not for these boxes. They are specifically made from the toughest possible material, i.e., corrugated paper board. The crafting of this material involves two layers and adding flutes between them for extra tensile strength. After displaying the items, these boxes can be stacked over one another without fearing any damage. The higher strength makes it absorb heavy and critical loads, and increase tear resistance helps them to retain its original form. When items are displayed on the shelves and counters, there is also an increased risk of damage from humidity and temperature. The custom packages act as a resistant shield against these climatic conditions and keep the items safe and secure for long.

Limited Die-Cut Designs:

Die cutting is a popular technique used to create custom shapes and designs for the packaging. The common thinking is that custom packages come only in specific die-cut designs. This perception is totally incorrect as there are no logical grounds that support it. For each design, a special die which is a shaped blade, is used. For your cosmetic items, you can make circular cuts to hold different items in the packages perfectly. The rectangular die-cuts can also be made depending upon certain product specifications. You can argue that only a few die-cut shapes are commonly seen in the custom display packages. But, ruling out the fact that they have unlimited die-cut designs is not reasonable.

You might be a potential customer of custom boxes with lids, and rightly so. But, different myths might confuse you at various stages that could prevent you take maximum advantage of them. They are neither expensive nor comes with compromised security features. The custom printing and customization are quite simpler, and you can die-cut them in the anticipated designs.