5 Things That Ruin Your Area Rug and How to Avoid Them


Whether you bought a chic area rug or using an heirloom from an adored family member, an area rug is a precious investment requiring proper care. Undoubtedly, homeowners try their best to maintain a classy area rug’s eminence and overall aesthetic, but dirt, dust, pest, stains, and pets can destroy its fabric.

Gladly, there are several ways to prevent several types of wear and tears. For instance, Professional Area Rug Cleaning can avert such damages like a pro.

The present discussion also highlights some impressive tips to protect your posh area rug from some common sources of damage.

What Ruins Expensive Area Rug?

Here are some common causes of area rug damage, including;

  • Water Damage

Indeed, water seems harmless, but it is one of the critical causes of area rug damage globally. Sadly, extensive exposure to water not only destroys the rug’s expensive fabric but causes mold and mildew to grow on the rug.

So, can you use a water infected area rug again?

Surely, no!

Therefore, it’s better to take all the precautionary measures properly, especially when you start cleaning your rug with water.

If you clean your rug with water, make sure that you have dried the rug properly before setting it back on the ground. It is suggested to use an air dryer for this purpose because mildew and mold start growing on the rug. You have to make it moisture-free to enhance its overall quality.

Generally, flood and heavy-rain can ruin your area rug’s fabric. So, instead of cleaning it at home, it is better to take professional area rug cleaners. They use the latest tools and equipment for the most proper removal of moisture from the rug.

  • Direct Exposure To Sun

Indeed, sunrays are quite useful for health, but direct exposure to the sun in summers not only damages the skin but destroys your rugs too. That’s why; it is suggested to buy premium quality rugs because the colour of inexpensive rugs start fading soon (especially when the exposed directly to the sun).

Sadly, sun rays can tear-down expensive rugs, but their probability of getting damaged is less than the less-costly rug.

If you get hard, extended sunshine through the windows of a room with a prominent area rug, then you should apply a UV reduction film to your windows. It is also suggested to use sheet curtains to mitigate the adverse impact of sun rays.

  • Larvae, Moths and Insects

Insects (especially carpet beetles and moths) are the real enemies of luxurious area rugs. Generally, Larvae are considered as the real culprit that harms the rugs and carpets. Beetles and moths usually lay their eggs on area rugs of different material, including leather, wool and silk. It hatches the eggs and ultimately ruins the rug’s fibre badly.

If you see white webbing and sandy residuals on the rugs, then it’s a clear indication that larvae have started harming your area rug. Additionally, the area rug’s fibre’s missing patches show that moths are eating your rug’s fibre. No denial, it’s a serious issue, and you should take some prompt actions to remove moths, insects and larvae from the carpet.

It is quite evident that you can’t remove insects from the rug at home. So, it is better to take the assistance of professional rug cleaners. They use their skill-set and advanced tools to fix mild to moderate issues. For example, professionals can improve the missing pile and unravelling. So, it is better to take their help and remove moths from the rug.

  • Pet Hair, Urine and Stains

It is incredible to have pets at home, but they can do everything to grab your attention. For instance, they love to tug, chew, and claw the rug as it is the finest way to attain their owner’s attention.

If you have a teething puppy that pays full attention to your rug, try to sprinkle moth flakes under the rug.  Generally, dogs dislike the unpleasing fragrance and avoid touching the rug. Pet urine is also a significant issue that changes the rug’s colour and makes it look dirty. For this, it is recommended to house train your pets because it is a challenging task to remove pet urine stains from the rug.

  • Stains and Spills

Coffee, tea or liquid stains are the significant causes of area rug damaged. It is difficult to avoid such stains, but you can take some preventive measures seriously. For instance, blot the stain with a dry cloth and avoid rubbing it.

You can take your rug to professionals because they can clean it by using their expertise.

Protect Your Area Rug

As mentioned earlier, buying a new area rug is a significant investment. That’s why; it is preferable to protect it adequately. Moreover, it is suggested to take professional area rug cleaners’ help because they can clean your area rug without any further damage.