7 Things You Didn’t Know About TikTok


Still don’t know about TikTok?  It is the new social media network that the most famous influencers already use and that is awakening passions around the world. If you don’t know her yet, you need to read this article! And if you have already heard of it or use it, you have to read it too! Because we are going to tell you curiosities and uses that you may not know.

What is TikTok

Surely if we ask you what Instagram is for, you quickly answer ‘to share photos’. But TikTok is much more, and that is why it is gaining positions to become the best social network by leaps and bounds.

Its base is the videos, which can be customized; adapted, modified… in short, you can do whatever you want and how you want with them. Many users choose the voices of their favorite influencers to use with their image or even imitate their performances.

You could say that it is like an Instagram of videos, but with which you can also make memes and other types of jokes. It has a main screen where you will see the most popular videos of the people you follow. There is also an exploration page where you can search for clips of your interest or users that you want, or to browse the most popular hashtags.

When you choose the video you want to see, it opens automatically in full screen and on the right there is a button with which you can share, “like”, comment or follow the user.

In the center of this main screen, you have the magic button. This button allows you to make your own videos and upload them. But the best of all, as I said before, is that you can edit and customize them however you want. You have filters, effects, voices and everything you want to make original recordings that are out of the ordinary.

There is no doubt that all these functions and what TikTok represents have become an incentive to download this app. Not least, digital marketing agencies around the world, such as those published by  TopAgencias, talk about this app, which threatens to unseat the most famous ones.

Curiosities you did not know about TikTok

Since this social network, which is said to be the favorite of generation Z, is going to be part of our lives, what better way than to know some of its curiosities, and possibly things that you did not know?

1. You can make scrollable videos

TikTok is not a boring app, and it keeps innovating every day to surprise you. Your option to make scrollable videos is one example of that.

These are original videos that are made through a sequence of photos to which you can apply music, effects, filters and whatever you want. Because your wishes are orders for this app.

2. Launched in 2016

It seems a lie, but it is true. In just three years it has become the social network of the moment. It has not taken years in the shadows to one day launch into stardom.

That, for example, was the case with Facebook, which began operating in a university and later, over the years, spread to the whole world. But TikTok came stomping from minute 1.

3. 500 million users

Today it has 800 million active users in the world, according to Statista. This exponential growth is incredible, but at the same time normal, because the generation on which this app is impacting the most is the centennial.

4. The most downloaded in the world

In 2018 it became the most downloaded app in China and Thailand and this year it has stood out as the most downloaded in the world. Almost nothing!

5. You can earn money with your videos

TikTok also joins the world of apps that pay the most famous and well-known. There are already celebrities in the world who are making good money for their publications in the network of the moment.

Who knows? If you missed your Instagram moment, maybe this is your chance to become a successful influencer. To make videos it has been said!

6. Share your videos on Instagram

All the videos you make on TikTok can be shared directly from the app on Instagram. This is a very simple function that does not force you to have to download the video, close the app, open the other one, and upload the video, quite a mess! One more example that TikTok has come to make our lives easier and become the easiest app to use.

7. Your videos are 15 seconds long, right?

This is something that you may know, but if not, we can confirm it; the videos cannot be longer than 15 seconds, can they? It depends. The network authorizes prominent users of its own choosing to create 59-second videos. A minute of glory for many that can go viral all over the world.

These are just some of the curiosities of this network, but you would like to know, for example, that it has 80 million downloads in the United States, that more than 60% of users are in China and the West and that it already offers the option of advertising on your platform.