7 Ways to Attract Mental Peace and Happiness in Your Life

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Psychologists have agreed and told us over the years that the things that indeed matter in life are the ones money cannot buy. In other words, striving for mental peace and happiness goes way beyond having money but something more profound.

Interestingly, life didn’t hand over a manual to humans on ways to build peace and happiness. Also, there is no hidden formula that can help achieve inner peace.

People find it challenging to attract mental peace and be happy with the quest for daily bread, the desire to make ends meet, and fulfill obligations. Everyday stress and hectic lifestyle that many use to create happiness and mental peace is a luxury for many people.

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Yet, striving to attain and maintain mental peace is primal to sound health, healthy living, and wellbeing. As a result, this article will explore various ways to achieve mental peace:

1. Engage Mindfulness

Happiness and stability will likely be far from you if you are constantly fixated on past struggles and future endeavors – things you have no power over. To be at peace, however, you need to be present at the moment. This principle of mindfulness comes with many benefits, as reported by research.

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Here are proven ways to engage in mindfulness:

  • Concentrate on various sensations in your body like the arms, legs, and others.
  • Direct your focus on something around you, and fixate your attention and gaze on it.
  • Be grateful for something around you like the fresh air caressing your body, the coffee you are sipping, your friend keeping you company, etc.

Immerse yourself in the moment and find harmony with it. This way, true peace and happiness will arise.

2. Consider Retreat Centers

At times, taking time out from everything can go a long way to help you find happiness and mental peace. Some people consider vacation because it takes them away from the hustling and bustling of their routine, removes them from an autopilot lifestyle, and places them in a high state of meditation.

You get to see various new things that will attract you and force you to be present. Your vacation can be to the various retreat centers, the woods, etc. To take things further, consider spending some days at Mount Shasta spiritual.

3. Spend Time with Nature

Even though civilization is here to make life easier and better, it comes with some cons. Many now live in high-rise buildings with little or no access to nature like birds, grass, and others. Yet, humans are meant to keep in touch with nature to relieve stress and find happiness and mental peace.

Go for a walk in the woods, admire the waterfalls, appreciate the beautifully adorned birds singing, etc. This can help you find serenity and prevent your mind from ruminating over things you have no control over.

Even if you cannot go for a walk, spend time in an area with a large expanse of greenery. According to research, it can relieve stress and help maintain your inner peace.

4. Make Your Life Simple

Don’t forget that you cannot place a price on true happiness. Your happiness and mental peace are not tied to your possessions. Your distractions will be few, and you can focus on things you care about. As a result, simple life will go a long way to clearing your mind.

Consider a minimalist lifestyle and let go of clusters. Let your possessions be few and avoid too many commitments. Avoid social engagement that doesn’t add value to your life. Concentrate only on the important ones. You don’t have to be busy before you can enjoy and have a good life.

5. Love Yourself

To find mental peace and happiness, self-care is essential. True happiness will be far from you if you don’t love yourself. In other words, be kind to yourself enough to look after your mental, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. This revolves around healthy eating, constant exercise, and dealing with stress.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself alongside self-care will project peace and happiness with positive energy around you. Feeling good about yourself will make your life peaceful. Also, you will be able to maintain a good relationship with people around you.

6. Get Rid of Clusters

When our attention is focused on several things, it drains our mental energy. Clutter can come in many ways, like your possessions, digital, and emotions.

Try and meditate on what is occupying your thoughts, time, and space. Let go of whatever acts as mental clutter. Reduce the time you spend on social media and concentrate on consuming valuable information that will add to your life.

Shake off grudges and other negative attitudes but focus on what will benefit you.

7. Take Care of Yourself

In a world where everyone is constantly trying to make ends meet, it is easy to think taking time off is a luxury. However, working excessively hard doesn’t make you too productive as well.

This makes it essential to consider having alone time to look forward to. Such experience can help you get through the day.

Pamper yourself in whatever way appeals to you. Soak yourself in the tub with your favorite music in the background, go to the movies with your friend, order your favorite Chinese food, etc.


You cannot put a price on happiness and mental peace. However, you can do many simple things to attract mental peace and inner happiness. This article has explored seven ways to attract mental peace and joy in your life.