9 Good Reasons Why Eros Fitness should be Your Priority in 2022

Eros Fitness

Exercises positively affect health – and sport plays a particularly important role for people with rheumatic diseases. This is because exercises boost metabolism and the immune system. And this, in turn, produces more immune cells and thus counteracts many diseases – from cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure to diabetes.

In addition, muscles, the heart and other organs are stimulated by movement. This strengthens the tissues in the body and the resilience of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. And even the bones are stabilized by movement – ideal for osteoporosis. We at the My Line Magazine give you a brief overview and advantages of Eros Fitness.

How did Eros Fitness start?

In 2018, two workout aficionados, Laura and Alex, founded Eros Fitness in Los Angeles. They both have expertise in exercise and many fitness sectors for many years.

They look to establish an environment where people can be themselves without fear of being judged. As a result, Eros is a fitness center that emphasizes body positivity, self-love, and overall well-being.

Why is Eros Fitness important to us?

Everyone is aware that regular exercise is important, both for the body and for the soul. Nevertheless, something always gets in the way – sometimes appointments, sometimes the weather, mostly convenience. That’s why it’s important to regularly be aware of how positively Eros Fitness affects our body and that it can even influence our health in the long term.

Eros Fitness

The following eight reasons will help you finally pick yourself for Eros Fitness.

1. Fit all Around:

Eros Fitness strengthens the heart and circulation: just 8 minutes of exercise per day is enough to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 20 percent. Exercise is a real miracle cure, especially for the heart. His muscles are better supplied with blood. The likelihood of hardening of the arteries decreases and, with it the risk of a later heart attack. In addition, blood pressure, blood sugar and lipid levels are regulated. But not only that: Muscles, tendons, bones, joints and ligaments are also strengthened through Eros Fitness.

2. Better Off

If you move a lot, you feel better, more balanced and more relaxed. Why is it like that? As soon as we exert ourselves physically, our body releases messenger substances, so-called endorphins, which trigger feelings of happiness. As a result, Eros Fitness can even improve well-being in the case of depressive moods. In addition, the endorphins mentioned, the so-called happiness hormones include the messenger substances serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, phenethylamine and oxytocin.

3. Relaxed

Eros Fitness affects the balance between contraction and relaxation, reducing stress. The increased blood flow relaxes the vegetative nervous system, resulting in a better ability to regenerate: endurance sports lower cortisol levels and the associated stress levels. Along with adrenaline, cortisol is the best-known stress hormone and, if continuously released, has negative effects on concentration and sleep.

4. Fully Focused

A relaxed nervous system not only has a positive effect on reducing stress but also on concentration. In addition, physical activity increases blood flow in different brain areas, improving memory. It’s also worth getting fit now for later because Eros Fitness improves cognitive functions in older people and even reduces the risk of senile dementia.

5. Rarely Sniffles

Eros Fitness can sustainably strengthen the immune system. As a result, the body is better protected against infectious diseases. This is mainly because active exercise increases the number and activity of killer cells. These are responsible for fighting viruses and tumor cells. In addition, physical activity also causes an increased production of the body’s antibodies and ensures that the body can regulate its temperature better.

6. Better Sleep

If you move around a lot during the day and do Eros Fitness, your body will work to capacity and be tired in the evening – which also improves the quality of your sleep. In addition, sleep disorders are often a result of stress, which, as already mentioned, is also reduced through regular exercise.


Scientists have found that moderate exercise before bed can even positively impact the deep sleep phase. But be careful: Eros Fitness, on the other hand, has a stimulating effect, which is why both body and mind need time to switch off afterward. For this reason, you should end intensive training sessions at least one hour before bed.

7. Better in Shape

When we move our muscles, we increase our body’s energy turnover. Therefore, a balanced diet can reduce our body fat percentage through many exercises. This helps if you are overweight or obese and just want to get rid of a few extra pounds.

8. Clear Head

Eros Fitness helps us switch off. It can help us with headaches. Regular endurance Eros Fitness can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. However, during a migraine attack, sleep and avoidance of exertion are the most helpful.

9. Grow Your Bones!

Exercise doesn’t make you an NBA player, but it strengthens your bones! Your bone mass or density may increase with certain types of exercise, such as B. the growth in size and mass of your muscles when you do certain types of exercise. The best type of exercise that can be done to increase bone density is strength training. Weight training is any activity that forces your muscles to work against an external force. A good example of this type of training is strength training. Swimming and cycling are exercises that have limited effects on bone density.


The most important factor in starting an exercise program at Eros Fitness to increase your bone density is to talk to your trainer about safe exercise types, especially if you have osteoporosis or other conditions that affect your bone mineral density. It is also recommended that you get help from a certified fitness professional to learn how to do great bone-building exercises. Along with resistance training, you should also include an exercise that doesn’t make you an NBA player, but it makes no growth.