A Comprehensive Guide To Sub Ohm Vaping


Any professional vapers choose the sub-ohm approach because it offers an increased power output for a fixed voltage device like the mechanical vape mods and the non-variable regulated devices to offer denser smoke and better flavour.

How Does Sub-Ohm Vaping Work?

The vaping ohms utilize the principle of ohm’s law and joule’s law of electricity. This suggests that a non-variable voltage source like a battery in a mechanical mod can offer an increased overall power output to the device. Sub-ohm vaping should likely be done by professionals and by keeping the safety measures in mind. The decrease in resistance leads to an increase in amperage of the device. This, in turn, increases the strain on the battery and also increases the heat that the battery and coil generate. So you must never exceed the permissible amperage limits to eliminate the chances of fires or explosions.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Dangerous?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. But first-time users shouldn’t use this device. Using these devices requires you to have some experience and follow specific safety protocols, which can lead to injury and damage.

E-Liquid And Nicotine In Sub Ohm Vaping

The vaping ohms produce a substantial amount of vapour compared to other devices using coils above 1-ohm rating. Typically, the sub-ohmic vapes take directly to lung hits which means that they inhale the liquid into their lungs by increasing the vapour intake each time they take a puff. These vapers generally prefer an e-liquid with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. The main reason is that a higher amount of VG offers denser and larger clouds. It also provides a reduced throat hit compared to PG, which helps the users accommodate a higher amount of vapour.

 Sub Ohm Vaping Using VV/VW Devices

Using the variable voltage devices for sub ohm vaping is not necessary at all. Sub-ohm vaping has evolved over the years to increase the power to the coils beyond the safe limits of the available devices. In recent times, high power regulated devices are readily available. They can deliver a consistent amount of energy to the coils and also helps to adjust it according to one’s likings.

Sub-ohm Safety

To ensure safe performance, you must keep your mods clean at all times. So make sure you clean the threads, vent holes, contacts and switches. It is also necessary to notice how stiff your spring is initially to check whether it loses its hardness over time. If this happens, then it is essential to replace it before it falls off. If you plan to replace the springs of your switch, then it’s better that you consider upgrading to magnets. It is also necessary that you make sure that it is well vented to allow the heat to escape from regular use in case of a battery failure.

Conclusively, the sub-ohmic vaping technique can offer more power with constant voltage levels and is thus suitable for professional vapers.