A Maintenance Guide For Your Vape Device


Knowing how to clean a vape is essential for long-term usage and better performance of vape pens, vaporizers, or vape boxes. These devices may arrive at you in beautiful boxes with a sleek and shiny device inside, but if you don’t take proper care of these devices, they will only become dirty and lack performance. Keeping these devices clean ensures that you get the maximum flavor and cloud density on your hit. Before we look at the various tips for cleaning the components of the device, we must understand the anatomy of the device. The pen-like device is made from three main parts: the tank, the coil, and the battery.


The tank of the vape device holds the e-liquid, and it is generally combined with an atomizer within the same unit.


‘It is the heating element of the device that converts the e-liquid into vapour.


It is the power source of the unit. In several cases, these come with voltage and temperature control options.

The box modes come with a similar design, but they offer a larger housing area and more powerful batteries. The increased power of the vape box helps it produce more vapour and gives you a better throat hit.

When To Clean Your Device

Before we see how to clean a vape device, we must know how often the vape devices require maintenance. Cleaning or rinsing your vape tanks every time you change a flavour is essential to ensure that the new flavour is not compromised due to the previous one you used. The best habit is to give your vaporizer a rinse every week and clean the device inside out every few weeks. Giving your vaporizer a complete rinse is essential every time it doesn’t offer top performance.

How To Clean A Vape Tank

To get the maximum flavour without any compromisation, we must clean the tanks every time we change the flavours to ensure no residues are left. Maybe the macchiato flavour is your thing if you are a coffee person, but you will not want it mixed with some minty back flavour. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, rinse the tank. But over time, also make sure to rinse the tank with alcohol.

Simple Rinse

Take a bowl of warm water and detach the tank from the mod. Next, dispose of the residues of the e-liquids and disassemble the tank completely. Place the component into a bowl and clean every component separately. Finally, dry off the components and let them dry off for around 10 to 15v minutes before reassembling them.

Deep Clean

For this procedure, detach the tank from the mod and dispose of the e-liquid residue. Next, disassemble the tank and use high-proof non flavoured vodka to clean the tank using a damped cloth. Wipe and rinse it with warm water and let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes before reassembling the parts.

How To Clean Vape Coils

The coils have an immense influence on the flavours, so you must know how to clean a vape coil. There are no proven methods that can help you bring the coils back to life but replacing them for a certain number of uses is a part of the maintenance process. To remove the coil, remove the tank from the device and discard the remaining liquid. Twist the coil to the left to unscrew it from the tank and screw in the new coil before reattaching the device.

Conclusively you need to know how to clean your vape device to ensure its longevity and better performance.