All about Debit Card CVV

Debit Card CVV

The CVV debit card is one of several numbers present in the different types of cards. To make a purchase over the Internet using a card, when filling in the data, there is a space to place the CVV, and normally three numbers are requested. But what is a CVV debit card?

All debit cards have your “personal data” and this data is displayed in numbers; In addition, each one has its specific function. CVV is one of the 3 digits that are part of the card’s identification group, along with the card number (16 digits) and its expiration date.

Many brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, present the debit card CVV with 3 numbers, but at American Express, Armex, the CVV has 4 numbers. As much as this difference exists, the function is completely the same.

Thus, in this article we will talk about the debit card CVV code , what it is for, where it is and which companies have this group of numbers so well known by online shoppers. For discussion, we chose the following topics:

  • Debit Card CVV
  • What is the Debit Card CVV for?
  • How to locate the Debit Card CVV?
  • How to keep your card safe?
  • Other information

Debit Card CVV

CVV is the abbreviation for Code Verification / Validation Value, which comes from the English term Card Verification Value. This code is represented by 3 numbers that are created during the issuance of the debit card, with the exception of American Express cards, whose CVV has 4 numbers.

First 4 numbers of the 16 digits of the card number. CVV2 is that 3 or 4 number code that is close to the card’s expiration date. Also, there are two types of CVV: CVV1 and CVV2.

What is the Debit Card CVV for?

The CVV debit card is nothing more than a code that serves as electronic validation when making transactions or purchases over the Internet. In other words, the CVV would be a kind of “authentication password”, since online purchases are not required for the card password as in physical establishments.

In this sense, the main function of the debit card CVV code is to guarantee the security of the cardholder when making an online transaction, in order to avoid fraud, cloning and other problems. Several online platforms claim to sell CVV like Eracvv. Care should be taken while doing such activity.

How to locate the Debit Card CVV?

The CVV debit card is on the card itself. The code is usually on the back of your plastic card. For example, CVV Santander debit card and CVV Bci debit card follow this pattern, that is, on the reverse, just after the card number. However, if the card is American Express, that code will be displayed on the front.

How to keep your card safe?

Buying online is a very easy, convenient and fast action; however, it needs care. As already mentioned, the debit card CVV code has the function of protecting the card data against fraud attempts and, therefore, it is necessary to take some preventive measures.

Here are some of them:

  • If possible, delete the CVV from the card and memorize it;
  • Do not pass this code on to other people; it is exclusive to the owner;
  • Make transactions and / or purchases on secure websites. To do this, you need to find addresses in the store that made the purchase.

Also, always be careful! The virtual network is a huge world that opens several simple and easy paths that help in our day to day.

However, this network leaves us highly exposed to fraud and the theft of important data. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to use it safely.

Other information

CVV is a code that was a unique feature of the credit card, but on cards that have the credit and debit function, this code is present.

However, nowadays the CVV is obligatorily requested when making online transactions, even in the debit payment function.

As a result, current debit cards must have the debit card CVV code available to their cardholders.

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