An Ultimate Guide to Clean a Sheepskin Rug


Do you know an interesting fact about sheepskin that it is bacteria, dirt and stain-resistant due to Lanolin? Well, Lanolin (natural oil) exists in sheepskin and works perfectly as self-cleaner. That’s why; Sheepskin rugs are quite eminent globally, and house-owners use them as a home interior (as it enhances the overall elegance of the house). Moreover, Sheepskin rugs provide incredible cosiness and soothe in the cold month.

Amazingly, the warm, feathery wool and smooth leather make the rug a comfortable place to enjoy a quality time after a hectic routine.  Nevertheless, proper maintenance and cleanliness are always needed for the longevity of the sheepskin Rug. Indeed, such rugs are quite expensive, and you can’t clean them without proper guidance. That’s why; the present discussion looks into the ways of cleaning Sheepskin Rug Toronto like a pro.

Reasons to Clean Sheepskin Rug

Indeed, taking care of such rugs is the key to maintain their longevity, but still, they can suffer wear and tear.  Rugs with heavy feet traffic can lose their lustre and shine. No one wants to keep scruffy &untidy sheepskin rug in the living area as it can make your living space shabby.

That’s why; it is always a sensible decision to develop the habit of cleaning sheepskin rug frequently as proper neatness guarantees the permanence of the rug.

Excellent Tips to Clean Sheepskin Rug like a Pro

  • Please give it a fair shake more often.
  • Use a metal brush to remove dirt and grime.
  • Always place it in a stippled area.
  • Keep in the desiccated and cold place.
  • Please don’t put it on the damp and soggy place.
  • Use wool detergent to remove dirt.
  • Reduce wear and tear.
  • Don’t wash it unnecessarily.
  • Always buy a premium quality sheepskin rug

Guide to Clean Sheepskin Rug

No doubt, sheepskin rugs contain lanolin and oil that provide protection against dust and grime but following a proper cleanness guideline ensures that it is not necessary to wash this costly rug more often.

  • Drycleaning

Dry cleaning is the most acceptable way to keep your sheepskin rug dirt-free. The key benefit of choosing this fantastic option is that it keeps your valuable sheepskin rug colourful and vibrant for a longer time. Otherwise; washing this fluffy and velvety rug may cause losing the vibrancy of the rug. Always go for the professional services for desired results.

  • Machine Washing

Ivory or small white rug is perfect for machine washing. But, remember no need to wash this expensive rug with other clothes as it can adversely affect the quality of the rug. It can also make the rug look dull and tedious. Moreover, a washing rug with leather material is not a good idea because leather perishes quickly.

Pro Tip: Set your rug around 30°C wool wash and always opt for a low spin cycle. Remember; always use the detergent and liquid products that are suitable for sheepskin rug. You can find them easily in the market. So, avoid washing this luxurious rug with ordinary detergent.

Sheepskin rug requires a little extra time to dry properly. That’s why; it is always recommended to put it in an airy place as putting it in a hot or humid place can affect rug’s colour and quality negatively.

Excess heat is the leading cause of cracks on the rug. So, tumble dryer and radiators aren’t suitable options to consider.

Brush the rug once the drying process has appropriately completed. It is a fantastic tip to maintain the fluffiness and furriness of the rug. For a remarkable fluffy appearance always use a good quality brush that works perfectly on the rug.

  • Hand Washing

If your rug doesn’t fit in the machine (due to its large size), then you can choose the option of washing it with your hands. Usually, machine-washing can make your rug look dull, drab and shabby.

Incredibly, a bathtub is a perfect place for your rug as bathtub can give your rug the finest spruce. So, add lukewarm water and a little detergent in the bathtub and give your rug a proper time to submerge accurately. You can swill your rug gently to maintain its fluffiness. Don’t wring out the rug directly as rolling and squeezing can help in drying the rug quickly.

Machine-washing and hand-washing have the same drying process. So, follow a similar method we mentioned earlier. Always keep one thing in mind that no matter which rug cleaning method suits you the best, always give your rug enough time to dry completely.

Prefer Professional Sheepskin Rug Cleaning Services for Amazing Results

No doubt, you can follow any of the options mentioned above as per your convenience, but for desired results, it is always recommended to seek professional services. Indeed, these services can maintain the rug’s quality for a longer time.