Are Smartphones Bad for Your Health


Cellphones are a primary part of our daily life. We possibly can’t survive without checking our phones every morning. As we grow along with modern technologies, smartphone production is increasing rapidly because the users are uncountable. Billions of people are using smartphones as a primary source of communication worldwide. According to the recent academic fair of computer science essay writing, it was a major assignment given to students for the research of health effects from smartphones.

As a result, these six things precautions should be taken seriously:

Does radiofrequency radiation in smartphones affect human health?

When an electronic device such as a mobile phone device or headphone is held near any areas (ear and head), it creates radiofrequency radiation that generates heat in a human’s body. It can be defined with the example of microwave heating food. This might be the only biological effect of cellphone discovered until now. How else can a cellphone affect human health?

1. Cellphones Can Make You Sick

You carry your phone 24 hours a day (metaphorically) and take it everywhere you go, either college, university, home, or office. Sometimes to the bathroom also. Bacteria and germ from your hands or clothes get stuck to your cellphone screen, and when you touch it on your skin, it transfers to your body.

2. Don’t Bend Your Neck

At the point when you are messaging or surfing the web, you probably saw that your neck is twisting too much. Take a stab at keeping up a straight posture, and don’t turn excessively while using a smartphone. It influences your neck muscles and spasms. Save in time from your day and do neck practices that you are reliant on utilizing a cellphone.

3. Avoid Using Phone While Driving or Walking

You never know when you can be hit by a bus or car while texting on roads. It is the most dangerous consequence of using too many cellphones when you are outside. When you are typing on the road, it distracts you from what’s happening currently. Many countries have strict laws against the usage of cellphones while driving. Trust me, that last message is not more important than your precious life.

4. Turn Night Mode-On At Night

When you use a cellphone at night, it throws blue light, which is harmful to your health and brain. This shiny blue light can be the cause of obesity, cancer, brain diseases, and heart attack. Avoid increasing brightness at night and make sure to turn your night mode on. You will sleep better if you get a lot of experience in natural light during the day.

5. Don’t Talk While Walking

This must-have happened to many of us that we trip or fall while being distracted by our smartphones. This may sound funny, but many accidents indeed occur where people fall while sending that last text. Avoid moving when making a call or typing a message to avoid breaking your bones or tissues.

6. Can Cellphone Cause Cancer?

Many random studies, computer science essay writing, and other shared articles show that cellphones can be a higher risk of cancer and brain diseases. Well, this isn’t proved scientifically yet, but if you are afraid of such consequences, limit your usage of cellphones, use headphones or speakerphones while talking on call and, research deeply into these conditions.