Are You New to AA meetings in Minnesota? Find Out What to Look For As a Beginner


If you are new to the concept of an AA meeting in Minnesota, you should have nothing to worry about. Finding AA meetings in the state is easy when you use a reputed AA meeting locator. This will provide you with a comprehensive listing of all meeting locations near your home. Even if you cannot identify one in your locality, you can choose from those that are nearby.

Tips to find the right AA meeting in Minnesota:

Looking for the right AA meeting for yourself can prove to be an exhausting affair. As a newcomer, you are not likely to have a clear idea about what goes on in such meetings. You may be influenced by what you see depicted in movies and this is usually not correct. 

  • While the process may be tedious, you must not get discouraged or frustrated. This is why it is better to attend more than one meeting to see whether you are benefitting from these. You can then identify which type of meeting is best suited for you and which can offer personalized care.
  • When attending AA meetings, it is important to study the overall group demeanor; this will play a key role in your own recovery. If you find that others present are depressed and reluctant to participate, the entire group will suffer. When looking for an “AA meeting near me” you should read reviews about these before choosing one. You need to find a group which uplifts your spirits and offers you the support and guidance you need to stay sober.
  • An AA meeting will typically be friendly, but some meetings may be more focused on going through sessions without encouraging people to speak up. These are best avoided because you cannot get the freedom to grow as a person or express your innermost thoughts and fears. Your job is to identify AA meetings that help you evolve as an individual because your own growth is the key to maintaining sobriety.
  • When you go through an AA meeting directory, you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices you get. These numbers also imply that there are too many educational resources about them. So, it is advisable to do extensive research to know what is taught during such meetings and compare these with what you have experienced. In case you find that you are not getting the kind of educational backing that you need, look for another meeting.
  • As a beginner, it is natural to feel nervous about attending AA meetings in Minnesota. But, you must remember that you will always be welcomed in and helped by these. The reason is that most people in these meetings have been addicts themselves. They are aware of the struggles of an addict and in a position to give valuable advice. You can take their numbers after the meetings to keep in touch with them.

AA meetings can be of different types, open and closed. Open meetings can be attended by one and all, even family and friends of the addict. Closed meetings are reserved only for those who wish to quit drinking. Discussion meetings discuss recovery-related issues and are conducted by a leader and chairperson. Speaker meetings are where a speaker narrates his story and shares his experiences. Find out what suits you best and stick to it.