Audeze Mobius Premium 3D Surround Sound Gaming Receiver Review


Audeze was based in 2008. It is familiar with creating the world’s finest coplanar-magnetic headset. Furthermore, Audeze planar technical school provides superior sound accuracy & a transparent soundstage minus distortion. Audeze whole makes types of physical science and among them may be a headphone. Moreover, with Audeze, you will have partaking sound expertise with an improved transducer.

Audeze headset uses advanced planar magnetic tech. This enabled the headphones to supply a lot of natural, top-grade audiophile and elaborate audio. With this sort of audio, you’ll want you’re being attentive to a live concert. Audeze Mobius 3D gaming receiver is among the best headphones from the Audeze brand. This headphone comes with surround audio, Bluetooth, and head tracking. This can also help in a smooth and great experience in PUBG Mobile, if you never tried yet you may download here: pubg mobile lite indir pc

Audeze Mobius Premium 3D Surround Sound gaming receiver Review

Design and features

Audeze Mobius Premium 3D gaming headset is on the market with a black hue. it is an over-ear and closed-circumoral design. Furthermore, it includes a branded metal band between the earcup and the band. Moreover, its adjustable headband and the earcups are well padded. they are also coated with soft material. Additionally, the outer surface of every ear cup has a dotted pattern and management buttons. Furthermore, this headphone is branded at the headband. The inner facet of the ear cup is labeled with R to be used with the correct ear and L for use with the left ear.

All the buttons and ports are on the left earcup. On the outer facet of the left earcup, you will realize an influence button on the lower side. This power button may be moved doubly to permit pairing with another Bluetooth device. Moreover, on the higher side, it is a mic mute button. several the opposite options to urge on the left ear cup includes a volume & mic dials, aux in, USB-C, mic out & the 3D sound button. One will hold the 3D button right down to switch between auto, 3D sound on & manual.

Moreover, one will faucet it because it faces forward to the center of the audio. the correct facet ear cup has no management or connection. And this phone is best for the user who accustomed to Best Headphones.

Game Performance

Audeze Mobius sounds amazing. This receiver is created for gamers that require one thing that will it all & well. whether or not you will be recreation on a PC, phone, or portable computer this headphone can provide you with a premium option to meet your needs. Additionally, like alternative gaming headphones, it is compatible with 7.1 & 5.1 surround audio. this may provide you with a point soundscape once gaming. keep in mind this can be obtainable when connected to exploitation USB.

Furthermore, with head-tracking by WAVES Nx-tech, it operates well with PlayStation four & Xbox. Additionally, Waves Nx-head pursuit makes a directional sound to be a lot accurate. Moreover, all the process is completed within the headphones. thence the latency is insignificant.

The 3D sound offers the most effective stereo imaging. 3D space simulation operates whereas gaming. Moreover, these best surround sound headphones come with a code suite. It is developed to help to keep records of your settings & amendment stuff the means you like. it will additionally enable you to modify among the seven obtainable audio profiles. Some embody flat, racing, footsteps, and more. Audeze headquarters will allow you to vary settings with reference to the 3D sound HRTF features.

Music Performance

Audeze Mobius is a fully integrated surround audio functionality. Furthermore, Mobius offers an analogous awesome medium expertise that is found within the theatre. Mobius is among the primary receiver to supply a thinkable & completely immersive Surround audio. it is coplanar magnetic drivers (Neodymium N50) that offers the most effective audio quality.

Due to its support for Bluetooth, Aux, & USB, this headset is compatible with more devices. They embody MP3 player, smartphone, PC, And a lot of others. It’s fitted with an ultra-thin unforce diaphragm. Moreover, it additionally has freelance volume controls that supply exceptional sound quality.

Comfort Level

Audeze August Ferdinand Mobius comes with contoured memory padding on earpads and the band. The padding is roofed exploitation artificial leather. Furthermore, the earpad cushioning is replaceable & contoured. Additionally, its headband is adjustable thus, you will have a custom-built fit. Moreover, these surround sound headphones for movies is fitted with a clastic and versatile boom mic. Furthermore, this mic has in-built noise attenuation and unmute/mute functionalities.

Mobius needs no further hardware/software to attach to other devices. so straightforward to use. A travel bag is enclosed for snug storage and carry. higher than all, this receiver weighs concerning 350g. this could feel significant now and then inflicting fatigue.

Battery life

Audeze August Ferdinand Mobius recreation headset comes with a Lithium-polymer battery type. This battery is recharged employing a USB-C cable. With a full charge, this headset includes a lifespan of about ten hours. however long the battery can keep trusted a lot of factors as well as volume.


Audeze Mobius gaming headset may be connected wireless or wired. For wireless connections, it is fitted with a Bluetooth adapter. With the assistance of Bluetooth, this phone supports AAC, SBC, and LDAC. Furthermore, with improved LDAC tech, you will have 3-times knowledge information measure as alternative phones. Thus, you will have the most effective sound quality. Additionally, you will have high-red sound over Bluetooth.

When it involves wired connections, you will be able to use USB or a 3.5mm analog sound. With this, you will continue enjoying music/gaming even once the battery power is low. Furthermore, versatile connections build this receiver compatible with a lot of devices.

Bottom line

Audeze August Ferdinand Mobius recreation headphone is among the best gaming headphones within the market. though the value is high, this headphone sounds great. Furthermore, it may be connected via many channels. This makes it support a lot of devices as well as PCs, mobile devices, And game consoles. Additionally, this can be a premium receiver with fully immersive 3D surround sound. It additionally includes a versatile and clastic boom mic that has in-built noise attenuation. freelance sound controls offer one an exceptional sound quality.