Benefits of Acoustic Enclosures and Windows for Noise Control


Are you frustrated with all the noise generated from your workplace? Go for acoustic enclosures and windows to effectively control the loud noise generated

Loud noises at workplaces are not only disturbing but also unhealthy for the employees. Hundreds of workers suffer hearing loss problems due to loud noises that come from their workplaces. To make sure your workers are coming to a workplace that is healthy and peaceful, you need to think about acoustic enclosures and their benefits. While some people opt for acoustic windows to reduce outside noise, acoustic enclosures provide great acoustical performance and effectively reduce noise. The enclosures are designed in such a way that they reduce noise to such a significant extent that it often seems like the noise has been eliminated.

Production units often have machinery and equipment which are extremely loud and noisy. Workers working with them have to deal with the unbearable noise coming off the machinery every day. With prolonged exposure to such loud noise, workers often experience hearing loss problems and even mental health issues which prevent them from giving their best at work. This is why managers and supervisors invest in acoustic enclosures to provide the workers with some relief by reducing the noise and controlling it without compromising on the performance of different types of machinery.

Benefits of acoustic enclosures and windows for controlling noise

  • Most enclosures created to provide acoustical treatments are designed to provide noise reduction of a varying range, right from 15db (A) to 50db (A)
  • Combustion engines which require an air inlet also make a lot of noise to the pressure that gets generated from the air movement, the noise generated from which is also very loud and disturbing.
  • Combustion engines also have an exhaust removal which makes noise and the same can be controlled acoustic enclosure treatments.
  • Last but not the least, these treatments also are applicable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Acoustic windows on the other hand can be installed in workplaces that are built on busy streets or ground floors and the movement of people around the workplaces are frequent.
  • People also opt for such windows which provide acoustical performances because of their residence being in a noisy neighborhood.
  • Windows providing acoustical performance also provide heat insulation in rooms thus allowing the sunrays to enter the room without making the room extremely hot and humid.

Where can Acoustic Enclosures and Windows be Implemented

Generator Enclosures

If your work requires you to work constantly with generators then you should advise your superiors for an acoustic enclosure for your health.  Outdoor generator acoustic enclosures are designed to reduce noise extremely without hampering the effectiveness of the generators.

Transformer Enclosures

Transformers are also similar to outdoor generators in terms of noise generation and transformer enclosures are designs to reduce that noise. These enclosures are designed to make areas surrounding transformers more peaceful and bearable.

Noise reduction treatments can be implemented in a wide range of products including power generation equipment, medical devices and equipment, transportation and vehicles, air compressors, marine crafts, aircraft, and even construction and agriculture instruments among others.

Acoustic windows are great for lower-level workplaces and buildings built around construction and factory sites. People who enjoy their privacy prefer installing these windows inside their homes as well. Workplaces, where employees deal with sensitive data where there can’t be confidentiality breaches under any circumstances, should opt for windows that will provide acoustical performances. Based on requirements and needs, acoustical treatments are customized from client to client. The key here is to select professionals who are reliable and are experts in the niche so that they can understand your requirements in case you don’t. While opting for acoustical treatments for your workplace do not settle for the average.