Best New Arrival Summer Dresses for Men 2021


Every year in the summer season, men and women need to have plenty of clothes, as the hot weather stays for a relatively long period of the year, in Pakistan. But let’s first talk about the new arrival summer dresses that are available for men this year. This article is all about the best outfit options for men that will help them survive the sweltering hot weather.

Lawn suits are a staple for a summer wardrobe and are the first thing that gets out in the market for sale every year at the beginning of the spring season. As we are experiencing the peak summer season, men’s unstitched fabric is available at every leading brand’s stores such as Khaadi, Alkaram, Dynasty Fabrics, Pasha Fabrics, Sapphire etc. All of these men’s unstitched fabric brands in Pakistan aim to provide them with clothing that speaks of luxury, sophistication, quality and comfort.

Men’s unstitched fabric collection

With the option of unstitched clothes, men can get shalwar kameez suits of their own choice of colour and style. Dressing up elegantly is the key for men for their personality to outshine everyone else and that can be only achieved if they dress up smartly. Smart dressing is often associated with western attire only. However, our very own traditional national dress i.e. Shalwar kameez for men has its grace and sophistication. Now for summers, there are plenty of options to choose from the unstitched category such as cotton, linen, lawn, Egyptian cotton, wash n wear, marina and boski etc.

Cotton collection

All leading brands feature cotton in their latest stitched and unstitched collection range that includes an everyday-wear collection of summer clothes for men, as well as some luxurious cotton clothes for formal events. The luxurious cotton range is sought after the most as rich materials are used in producing the fabric, e.g. the finest Egyptian cotton, which is famous for its durability, lustre, and comfort. Egyptian cotton is what makes unstitched lawn dresses for men the most demanded one as its quality is attained directly from the cotton fields.

Blended fabric from the new summer collection

The new summer collection at all stores also features the category of blended fabric in the unstitched collection. For instance, the unique blend of cotton and polyester makes a material that gives sheer shine and comfort to whoever wears it. This blend is also breathable and keeps you sweat-free, thus making it an ideal pick for summer new kurta design. Linen combined with cotton results in an exquisite fabric for men who prefer flowy and non-clingy material for their everyday wear. Another yarn that gives a linen-like feel is a unique blend of cotton and polyester. This amazing blend makes the material extremely soft and smooth ideal for the hot and harsh weathers of Pakistan and remains crease-free.

Wash n wear fabric for easy wear

Some materials are unique due to their make, such that they can be worn in any season. Therefore, wash n wear fabric is one of those fabrics, that’s just perfect for the hot weather in Pakistan. You can find an endless variety of this material for your summer wardrobe in numerous colours for you to choose from the summer collection 2021 at all stores. It is an exquisite clothing option for everyday wear as well as semi-formal attire. This material is the most sought after as it is easy to manage; requires little or no ironing after washing. You just have to ensure that you hang your wash n wear stitched suit right after washing it, by working out the creases with your hands and letting it air dry.

Royal look in silk suits

Silk is a fabric that is adored by everyone. It is so because silk suit for men always gives a royal and luxurious vibe due to its soft texture, and lustrous shine like no other fabric. It is an expensive cloth as compared to other materials due to its significantly different texture and pure make. It’s just another word for grace, elegance, and sophistication. Local brands such as Pasha Fabrics, Dynasty Fabrics etc. usually feature the collection of unstitched silk salwar kameez, which is an exquisite blend of pure cotton and silk to give a luxurious feel. Get yourself the latest gent’s shalwar kameez designs in this material for all your formal events such as weddings, dholkis, mehndi nights and so forth to stand out from the rest of the guys and look dapper!

Online dresses shopping for men made easier

Online dresses’ shopping has now become highly convenient for customers recently over a couple of years especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic where everything shifted to e-commerce. You simply have to choose your desired fabric and colour and get it delivered to your doorstep to get the modern and trendiest of men shalwar kameez designs stitched right away.