Best online ordering apps of 2021

    online Ordering apps

    A terrific food is defined by way of its flavor, by using it’s tempting, percent of being scrumptious and like this there are numerous factors which define ‘an excellent food’ in anybody’s dictionary. Isn’t it?

    Now while you get all of those elements beneath one roof and whilst you want at your very own pace, then you may simply transfer to any such online meals delivery programs. Should read-How to set up an online ordering system for a restaurant.

    Pinnacle 10 online Ordering Apps in India:

    1. Cerebrum Infotech

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     1) meals PANDA

    • Headquartered in Berlin, Germany; serves around forty-three nations and territories, such as India, Singapore, Hong Kong Pakistan, Bangladesh, and lots of more.
    • Meals Panda is partnered with over 40000 eating places that allow clients to enjoy amusing whilst ordering food online.
    • You may order meals from their website as properly.
    • Food Panda gives fantastic offers however inconsistency in terms of delivery time, it does lack.
    • It is able to take 30 minutes or it is able to also take 70 minutes, despite the fact that the restaurant is 2-3 kilometers away.

    2) SWIGGY

    •  Swiggy is another cell utility, to order food online supplying you with an adequate choice from over 9000 eating places.
    • Functioning in online ordering apps and delivery. It advanced the chain from all the nearby restaurants present in the community.
    • They have their own transport employees for the pickup of orders from the restaurants to supply them to the clients in a stipulated time.
    • You can avail of flexible offers with no minimum pay coverage.

    3. ZOMATO

    • Zomato changed its base in 2008 via Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Bhardwaj. Zomato provides a facility of eating place seek and discovery service.
    • You may avail those, through their cellular utility and from their internet site as properly.
    • The clients can fee, assess, and can upload images of the food and restaurants they visit, listing out from Zomato.
    • It provides services like cashless prices, online ordering, white-label apps, table reservations, and factor-of-sale systems.
    • It operates around 23 countries inclusive of Australia, the United States, India, and many greater. 


    • This app is primarily well-known to a number of pizza fanatics all over India.
    • They promise the shipping of food within half-hour that is the center of appeal for all.
    • One of their most loved function is you could encash their coupons and may choose any mode of charge.
    • Their app is available for windows cellphone, Android, and in addition to iPhones.
    • You could place orders in all the neighborhood chains available close by you.


    • Tasty khana was initiated in 2007, by Sachin Bharadwaj and Sheldon D’souza.
    • Their cellular software is to be had for Android and iOS as well. It grants admission to around 7000 restaurants in India.
    • Tasty khana is received by way of meals Panda inside the year 2014.
    • This app presents a handful of options to its users like creating profiles, saving restaurant places, and figuring out their previous orders.
    • They permit payment through cash on transport, internet banking, credit score/ debit card.

    6) just devour

    •  Simply devour changed into founded in the year 2001, founded in London, united kingdom.
    • Simply devour is also another cellular application of giving online orders of meals from all of the nearby restaurants.
    • They come up with an option of online payment and also you could encash discounted coupons here. They operate in most of the massive towns in India.
    • Just eat operates around 13 international locations, in all. Later, It becomes received by an online food shipping chain- Foodpanda.

    7) FAASOS

    • Faasos– ‘The food on call for’ was included inside the yr, 2011, situated in Pune, India.
    • This food delivery app has hit the marketplace by then. Based on Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman.
    • Its cell utility is compatible with Android phones as well as Microsoft Windows and iPhones.
    • Faasos app is typically utilized in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Pune.
    • This app permits the customers to personalize their orders in more than one approach.
    • This app is pleasant and also provides an extraordinary online fee option.


    •  All the lovers of pizza know better than absolutely everyone else approximately this cell utility.
    • One of the extremely good characteristics of this software is that you can order meals online 7 days before you need them.
    • You may avail of reductions as nicely, via the utility, if you order.
    • They come up with alternatives of ordering the pizza, pasta, drink, desserts from all of the nearby retailers of the pizza hut you stay in.
    • The payment online fee mode is to be had like internet banking, credit score/debit card.


    1. FoodMingo became initiated by using Pushpinder Singh within 12 months 2012.
    2. FoodMingo operates in Aurangabad, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.
    3. This app is available at no cost download on Android, iOS, and home windows cellphone.
    4. This app allows the person to e-book the tables and order meals online from all of the close-by eating places of desire.
    5. Through the FoodMingo app, you could song, that your order is in real-time or no longer.
    6. Additionally, you may encash your discounted coupons and may avail online free carriers properly.

    10) HOLACHEF

    •  Holachef is Mumbai primarily based- food transport startup, initiated via Saurabh Saxena. Their utility gives food, which is made by renowned cooks.
    • They venture themselves normally and hold specific menus for each day, made with the aid of any chef operating for years in the hospitality industry.
    • You order food online and the delicious meals are introduced to the doorstep.
    • They accept all sorts of fee techniques. Beginning from coins on delivery to net banking.