Best Selling Kitchen Appliances and Equipment


It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Women spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing different meals, making tea, and dishwashing. Whether you have moved to a new home or want to upgrade your kitchen appliances along with other home appliances, you shall have a look at must-have kitchen equipment which you may like to add to your kitchen. Among many other kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan, today we have handpicked a few gadgets. There are several direct-to-consumer brands in Pakistan offering one of the best quality kitchen appliances in Pakistan at affordable prices. You can conveniently browse the kitchen appliances and other equipment at the online store of all these brands and can also do online shopping. Here are some of the items you are going to love:

The 2-in-1 blender and dry mill – must-have kitchen equipment

If you are tired of using your old-fashioned blender which consumes a lot of power, this brand new 2-in-1 blender and dry mill is a perfect solution. It has a powerful motor with sharp and removable stainless steel blades which can easily powder any hard condiment. It comes with a large unbreakable blender jug with a top glass covering and a jar with overheat protection and is quite easy to clean. The smart design and durability make it one of the must-have kitchen equipment.

The Pour Electric Kettle – ideal kitchen gadget

If you are a tea or a hot drink lover, the electric kettle is one of the ideal kitchen gadgets you should have which comes with 360 degrees pirouette base for easy lifting and placing. The kettle is made up of stainless steel with concealed heating elements thereby ensuring fast boiling. It has an anti-slip and heat-resistant grip to prevent thermal burns. A bright LED light indicates when the kettle is turned on and the kettle automatically shuts off when the liquid gets boiled. This ergonomically designed electric kettle makes the process of water boiling convenient and safe and is one of the best kitchen products.

The other variant of this model also offers the electric kettle in glass body as it gives a stylish look as well as a perfect heat resistance.

3-in-1 juice blender – one of the convenient home appliances

One of the smart, stylish and convenient home appliances for your kitchen is a juice blender which comes with 8 different functions and has a large blender capacity that can make smoothies or juices for the whole family in one go. It comes with a large jug and blending jar. The price is moderate with many features. It is equipped with a powerful motor and sharp stainless-steel blades and can be used as a grinder, juicer, blender, grater or slicer making it one of the must-have kitchen items. The blender has a wider chute and the whole fruit or vegetable can be inserted in a go. This model is a space saver yet powerful and also has an overheat protection safety feature.

Chopper 400W – best kitchen equipment

Another one of the convenient home appliances you can buy from the online store of any of your favorite brands is a chopper which is ideal for chopping and mincing all sorts of ingredients including vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat etc. in large quantities which could help prepare great dishes quickly and effortlessly. It is quite handy and comes with different disc sets enabling you to chop or slice in the shape and size you want. With a large bowl and 2-speed pulse control, it is a perfect kitchen companion. Its assembly is easier and quick enabling you to run the machine in no time.

Sandwich maker – essential kitchen item

You can have perfectly toasted and golden sandwiches with a sandwich maker. It is one of the incredible kitchen items offered at a reasonable price and provides uniform double-sided heating. You just have to put in your ingredients and shut the lid and that’s it. The non-stick coating on the plates makes them very easy to clean. It has an auto-lock clip and cool-touch handle giving thermal protection during use. You can toast bread, vegetables or sweet snacks like pancakes for your breakfast, lunch or dinner and can enjoy a nutritious meal. It is also travel friendly being light bodyweight and comes in two variants with different power outputs as per your requirements. You can browse its features on online stores in Pakistan.

Mince 400W Food Processor – kitchen equipment which does all your task

Having a food processor in your kitchen can save you much hands-on prep time and facilitates quick preparation of your favorite food recipes in no time making it one of the must-have kitchen appliances. Among many other kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan offering this product, a food processor is one fine all-in-one machine that comes with multiple attachments suitable for functions of blending, juicing, grinding, shredding, chopping, mincing etc. This kitchen equipment comes with a sturdy and unbreakable 1.5 L plastic jar and chopper and grinder bowls suitable for all kind of ingredients. The powerful motor of 400W and a variety of sharp blade options help you dice the ingredients quickly with 2-speed pulse control saving your time and efforts from pre-cutting.

Once food preparation is complete, the bowls, lid and blades are all dishwashers safe, so cleanup is easy. The reasonable price tag with the quality and versatility of the functions makes it one of the ideal kitchen gadgets in Pakistan.

Buzz 500W Hand Mixer – ideal kitchen appliance

A hand mixer is one of the perfect kitchen products and your ideal kitchen assistant. This quiet and powerful 5-speed hand mixer lets you beat, whip and mix a variety of ingredients within no time. You can use this for mixing cake batter, cookie dough, whipping cream or eggs and making things like icing and salad dressing to enjoy fluffy cakes, delicious cookies and much more. It includes a set of whisk and dough hook enabling you to choose the right accessory for the right task. It has a one-touch ejection button to release the beater or dough hook for cleaning. And not to forget its budget price tag.

Online shopping

Reason is a promising home appliances brand in Pakistan offering various versatile home appliances in Pakistan among many other brands. Nowadays, one of the most effortless and convenient ways to buy a product and browse its features is by doing online shopping in Pakistan. If you find any of the products useful for your kitchen, you can visit the online store of any brand that you like, and place your order. A few brands offer same-day dispatch with cash on delivery facility and flexible return and exchange policy of an exchange or returning of the product within 7 days.