Best time of the year to buy Lab grown diamonds in Hatton Garden, London

Lab grown diamonds rings

Hatton Garden is the crowning glory of London, and that crown is literally studded. It is the biggest and oldest jewelry hub of the city and is always bustling with tourists and local shoppers. It was gifted to Sir Christopher Hatton in the year 1581 by Queen Elizabeth I.

Since the market is spread out over a huge area, there are various shops and stores lined up, so you could have a lovely field day visiting the place as you jump from one shop to another in search of good jewelry or other precious items. Hatton Garden is really famous for its lab-grown diamonds. People from all over the UK come here to shop for lab-grown diamonds. The stores offer a large variety of white and colored diamonds and amazing designs to choose from; all at really affordable prices.

As such the market is always busy, but if you’re a tourist and want to know the best time to shop here, especially for Lab grown diamonds rings, then read on to find out.

  • Summer time
  • Summers bring in a lot of events in Hatton Garden. Especially in the month of August, there are so many things to do to literally have a picnic in the market area. This is also the time when jewellery stores have their discounts and sales going on. So you can shop till you drop without burning a hole in your pocket. Since there are many jewellery shops lined up, they are forced to keep competitive prices and offer discounts at the same time to ensure that the customers keep coming.
  • Also since September and October are usually quitter months for the jewellery sector, the month before is when they try their best to make sales and that makes this a wonderful time to shop for lab grown diamonds. They promote their jewellery through ads in the newspapers and their official websites. So if you have a favourite store, then check out their site during this time.
  • Wedding Season

During the wedding season, not only are the prices affordable owing to bridal discounts, but jewelry stores also put out their latest collections and designs as well. If you’re someone who likes owning all of the current and trending items, then this might be a good time for you to buy lab-grown diamonds as well. Since lab-grown diamonds are pretty much the rage now, a lot of bridal jewelry focuses on using them for items. You get to choose from a wide variety of options. The new catalogs of the stores are also out at that time trying to attract would-be brides. But they also have a lot for the single ladies and gentlemen. So even if you’re not getting married, this is a really good time to consider buying any sort of jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

These are the general good times to buy lab-grown diamonds from Hatton Garden, but honestly, it depends on what you’re looking for: reasonable prices or the latest designs. No matter when you decide to shop for Lab grown diamonds Hatton garden, you’ll always come back with a happy little purchase.