Enjoy These Bike Trips in India

Leh Ladakh Bike Tour

For bikers, nothing approaches their two-wheeled buddy’s exploration of locales. India is endowed with some of the best road routes for cyclists. Some of these routes are famous for their attractive sceneries and stunning scenery, some of which are recognized for their difficulty and adventure. A motorbike ride in India is the ideal method to explore the culture and entertainment country. Tours in India will take you on some of the best excursions in Indian with valleys, plateaus, deserts, woods, and terrains of every kind.

7 Most Famous Bike Trips in India

Biking has advantages as no other trips. Here are the top 7 famous biking destinations

1. Leh Ladakh bike trip

Ladakh is one of the most unique and charming locations in India and is also well known as the ‘Land of High Passes’ This small, enormous scenery is a dream location for adventure enthusiasts throughout the world. The Leh Ladakh bike trip is a unique opportunity to enjoy the region’s charm. Since the two-week journey takes us to this frigid desert at a calm and relaxed pace, it will give us ample time to explore. We start from Delhi and anyone from outside of Delhi is required to reach the Leh Ladakh Bike Tour package 24 hours ahead to the time of departure.

2. Spiti Valley Bike Trip

Get ready for a hustle and bustle cycling trip to Spiti that many people dream of, but few people dare to experience. Experience your bike talents as you trace the high mountain pass, offering amazing views over snow-capped mountains and glacial waterfall-separated dirt roads. The delicate Spiti curve takes you to the small hamlets, 1000-year-old convents, and several high suspension bridges, which serve you refreshments. Take a glance back at the dusty roads against the rough Himalayans and push out this amazing voyage.

3. Manali Leh Manali Bike Tour

Manali Leh Manali Bike Tour, as the name suggests, begins with Manali, a lively tourist city. Riders who pass Delhi might take an overnight bus to Manali to climb to the altitude for a day. Even though Manali and Leh are only 472km away, it takes three days to go there, because you need to stop in areas like Jispa and Sarchu. It’s easy to get there. The main reason for this trip is because the motorcycle enthusiasts encounter different problems, such as unexpected weather and slim dirt paths. The 11-day motorcycle ride to Ladakh is an amazing experience.

4. Jaipur/Jaisalmer Motorcycle Trip

The country of palaces and deserts in Rajasthan. It has valuable history, cultural echoes, forts, and sites that attract people worldwide. It’s a country of colors, with beautiful desert, culture, festivals, hilly areas, and gardens. Traditional festivals are celebrated with excitement and enthusiasm. All Rajasthan cities are blessed with magnificence and all are alive to the rich cultural diversity of this State. This state is a testimonial to the royal charm of the many forts, palaces, temples, and Havelis.

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5. Rann of Kutch Bike Trip

Kutch implies something that gets wet & dry intermittently. This highly colorful and culturally rich country has a beautiful artisan sense with its striking mud buildings, an abundance of crafts, and excellent clothing. There are oral traditions, dance, crafts, and dresses in each town. The Kutch comprises approximately 45000 sq. km and is geographically one of the most distinctive and greatest districts in India. It extends along the tropics of Cancer, from Rajasthan to the borders of Pakistan and the Arab Sea. We went towards Dholavira after having enjoyed the sunrise in the pristine desert. The Remains of the Harappan Civilization unearthed here make Dholavira notable.

6. Srinagar Bike Trip

The Srinagar to Manali Bike Tour through Ladakh takes riders from the Kashmir valley, Ladakh, and the Himachal Pradesh to three different locations of Himalaya. Each of these areas has unrivaled and indescribable vistas. Our trip from Srinagar, Kashmir Valley’s largest town, starts with the Indo-Pak warfare of Kargil in Leh (Ladakh’s largest city). The first few days offer amazing vistas, but after Leh’s arrival, the panorama changes dramatically. It transforms to barren brown mountains in Ladakh from the lush green mountains of Cashmere.

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7. Kolkata to Digha Bike Trip

If you are from Kolkata, Digha must be the first and most popular pick for your first automobile journey. Digha is Kolkata’s nearest sea beach and is well-connected. For short weekend trips, the place is highly convenient. The location is famous among everyone because it is supplied with outstanding lodging amenities (from extremely low-cost accommodation to luxury). This route from Kolkata to Digha will undoubtedly captivate you when you are looking for a long bike ride and wish to be confident of the decent road conditions to your destination