Can I Buy Strawberry Plants Online?

Strawberry Plants

The way we shop for plants for our garden is changing. A few years ago, most of us would not have thought about buying strawberry plants online. Now, shopping online for things to grow in our garden is the new normal.

Are Strawberry Plants Difficult to Grow?

Strawberries are not very difficult to grow. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to have a garden to grow strawberries. There are many varieties of strawberries that are perfectly at home in containers.

If you only have a small garden or balcony, you can grow strawberries. Growing plants vertically has become very popular recently. It is a great way of making room for more exciting produce. After all, many of us are trying to grow more food in our homes.

There are some fruits, berries and vegetables that are perfect for growing in smaller spaces. Strawberries are one of the top plants you can grow in a small space.

What Can You Do With Strawberries?

Just take a look around the supermarket and you will soon appreciate how versatile this red berry is. You can make jam or slice strawberries to put them on a cake. If you would like to add them to homemade ice cream, it is super easy to do. Just slice them up finely and put them into your ice cream maker.

Strawberries also taste great in smoothies. When you simply can’t resist them, you can also eat them directly off the plant. As we all know, strawberries and cream are a match made in heaven.

Can I Freeze Strawberries?

Strawberries are great for freezing. Not all fruits and berries retain their nutritional value once they are frozen. However, that can’t be said for strawberries. They are packed with vitamin B and iron along with many other micro minerals. If they are frozen as soon as you have picked and cleaned them, they will retain their nutritional value.

That is if you can resist eating them at once. That is often very difficult to do.

In Conclusion

Chris Bowers is a leading supplier of plants for your garden. They sell a variety of strawberries, other berries and fruits. You can find out more about on their informational web site.

It also worth knowing that strawberries have big leaves that can help to lock up a lot of the carbon in the atmosphere. Who knows? Perhaps the humble strawberry can help to save the planet?