Candy Bar Cards – How to Make Them


Making candy cards to celebrate a special occasion is a new and unforgettable way to spend your day. With a little thought and a few simple ingredients, a little chocolate will definitely take over. This way, your project will end up as a dessert gift and a greeting card.

Here’s how to create your own card

First think about why you want to create a card. Do you want to celebrate an anniversary or a special anniversary? Has anyone reached the goal? Do you want to mark the beginning of something (marriage?) Or (retirement?)?

Depending on the context, the next step is to take a trip to the local supermarket and make an ice cream for dessert. Find candies with names that match your theme or message. Buy your own chocolate. You can choose small candies or individually packaged chocolates. You should be able to read the names of the candies, and the candies should be the right size to attach to the card with a pin or glue. See here: What candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

Get some thin cardboard or polyurethane foam to back up your card. The base will be larger so that more people can read your message and more candy canes to match your message. your is strong enough to support the weight of the chocolate.

The next step is to go home and place the chocolate in front of your computer. It takes me a while to send a message to my friend or family member using chocolate to clarify my message.

Whenever a message comes to my mind, I write it in a Word document. I format the font like the words in my chocolate (I like Verdana). We put a space between the lines of text so that the words of the message can be separated during printing. Of course, you can do this if you want to sign your message or pronounce it in alpha, pencil or word taken from a magazine.

Posting a message:

Once my message is printed and cut into sentences or phrases, I start posting the message on the board or backing it up on paper.

Work in the center of your letter and place the word in the center of the backing paper. Does it fit where you want? Can your chocolate even contain words? If all goes well, stick or stick the words and candies on the baking paper. What candy bar is considered good luck in japan all you can read.

If you know what to say, making candy books won’t take long.

Message idea for your candy bar card:

To get you started, here’s a message for Father’s Day candy cards:

I have to go to Mars to find a father like you. Ever since I was a little girl (Ruth), I’ve always taken 5 to support me when I go down. You are a top dad!

I’m sure you’ll be inspired to create your own candy card, but be warned. If I like myself, there is the possibility to create this type of card. The temptation to eat chocolate before it reaches the desired recipient!