How to Care For Your Outdoor Upholstery

outdoor upholstery

Are you having a hard time maintaining your outdoor upholstery? If so, then it’s probably for the reason that you don’t know how to do it properly. Upholstery is a very delicate thing and it needs to be taken care of properly if you want your outdoor furniture to look beautiful for a long time. You can avoid damage to your upholstery by applying the right kind of cleaning materials and products. You also need to hire professional cleaners who will make the job faster and easier. Let me show you how you can maintain your outdoor furniture in the best possible way.

Clean the dirt particles

When you are upholstering your garden furniture, make sure you clean the dirt particles first. Vacuuming will not be enough as there might be many dirt particles stuck deep down inside the nap. Use a vacuum cleaner with a tough brush or bristles. If you have an expensive set, you might also want to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner that will pick up dust and dirt from deep within. In addition, these devices are very efficient when it comes to cleaning stains too.

Always pay special attention to stains and spills on your outdoor furniture upholstery. Spills can leave awful stains on your upholstery that can’t be removed with the ordinary cleaning agents you use at home. If your upholstery becomes stained, try using the lemon juice and vinegar solution or any commercial cleaners with soap and water. This might help to remove the stain. However, if the stain remains, you should call the expert for assistance.

Clean the dirt from deep

After you have cleaned the stains, you should clean the dirt from deep within by using a scrubber with coarse texture. It is important to dry the upholstery thoroughly before putting it away. Don’t forget to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun by putting blinds or curtains to keep sunlight from entering inside your house. You can also purchase outdoor furniture covers or patio cushions to protect your investment.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning with the use of the right products is a must for your outdoor furniture. The fabric of your upholstery can be damaged by chemical cleansers too. Use only gentle cleaners which are specifically designed for outdoor upholstery. If your upholstery gets damaged due to chemicals, simply replace it with new ones. If you think you may need to buy new furniture, you can rent one by going to your nearest furniture rental store.

Many homeowners fail to clean their outdoor furniture regularly because they think it can be done by professionals. While professionals have the right equipment and knowledge to carry out the job well, they are usually expensive. If you have a little less money and you don’t have much time to spare for your outdoor furniture cleaning, you can do it yourself. All you need is a clean and soft brush and a bottle of mild detergent.

Wash your outdoor furniture

You can either wash your outdoor furniture yourself or you can take it in for cleaning. If you have kids, it’s recommended that you hire a professional so they can spot clean stains and other messes that they might accidentally make. If your outdoor furniture gets stained due to food stains or drink spills, all you have to do is use a mild cleaner and rub the stain out using a soft brush. Once you’re done cleaning the stain, rinse it off under cold water and cover it with a plastic bag. Do this once a month or as necessary depending on how often you use your furniture.


Outdoor upholstery can be a great investment but you have to take care of it properly. Remember, if it’s not cared for properly, it might lose its value quickly. Don’t let children or pets sit on it for a long time. Clean it often and maintain its cleanliness to ensure many years of function from your outdoor furniture.