Celebrate Your New Year Eve with Six Amazing Cakes


It’s almost the end of 2020, and people have started making plans about how to celebrate New Year’s Eve. New Year Celebrations carry an unusual place in people’s hearts as it is the finest time to say goodbye to old memories and welcome the New Year 2021. New Year brings the glimmer of new hopes, dreams, new learning, and new optimism.

There are endless ways to celebrate New Year Eve, but a celebration with cake doubles the joy of merriment. That’s why; we have decided to spotlight the top six New Year cakes in Singapore for you. We are sure that you will love these cakes as they not only look delicious but are the perfect treat for everyone’s eyes too.

  • New Year Countdown Cake

The best thing about New Year is that it provides you a great chance to make New Year resolutions and work on them. Moreover, the celebration is all about wishing a good time ahead. That’s why; New Year Countdown cake is the perfect choice to rejoice in a new beginning at its fullest. You can choose any of the cake types to get this unique cake. For instance, the selection of chocolate cake is fantastic as it can make every moment worth celebrating. The choice is all yours; if you don’t want chocolate cake, you can opt for any of the desired flavors. It is quite easy and pleasurable for professional bakers to make clock cake as it looks truly fantastic.

So, this year think about something unique and choose clock cake to realize time is the most precious asset, and you have to value it in the future.

  • The Black Forest Cake

Do you want a simple and delicious cake to celebrate New Year Eve with your special ones? Why don’t you think about The Black Forest Cake this time? Indeed, it is a perfect treat for chocolate lovers and grabs everyone’s attention due to their unique shapes, decorations, color combination, and styles. You can go for any design, including round, square or tiers, etc.

So, if you are planning a celebration party then choosing this cake will never let you down. This cake is ideal for morning, evening, night, or every kind of party. However, if you decide to order this cake online, we strongly recommend you visit the different cake shop’s website and choose the most suitable cake shop that supremely meets all your requirements. Remember, people remember your party for its ambiance and unique menu. That’s why; always pick the top-notched cake shop that delivers the finest cakes without compromising quality. The extraordinary cake can win your guest’s hearts, and they can remember your party due to this incredible treat.

  • Nutty Star Plum Cake

So, you love dry fruit more than anything else in this world? Don’t worry; we brought something magnificent to double your joy for New Year Eve. You can try plum cake this time if you haven’t tasted this lip-smacking cake yet. The plum cake contains dry fruit and fresh fruit, and the subtle combination of dry and fresh fruit makes it worth trying.

Do you know why we call it nutty star plum cake? It has a star shape with nuts and dry fruit topping on it. Trust us; it can glorify your celebration’s fun; just give it a try once.

  • Cupcakes

Remember; always try to think outside the box. When everyone chooses cake for New Year celebrations, why don’t you come up with a unique idea? Yes, we are talking about cupcakes here. Indeed, they are available in the market, but we want you to try designer cupcakes this time.

Yes, you got us!

We are talking about choosing cupcakes in different styles, shapes, and decorations. For instance, an emoticon cupcake can surely grab everyone’s attention quickly. But yes, heart shape cupcakes are too adorable to handle. They can melt everyone’s heart (and yes, we are talking about your SPECIAL ones here).

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No problem; if you want to keep it simple as chocolate cupcakes, durian cupcakes or strawberry cupcakes are undeniably superb choice too.

  • Red Velvet Cake

Oh, you thought we missed red velvet cake? No, we can’t miss it as this cake is just awesome to impress anyone. Again, red velvet cake is also available in different shapes and sizes, including heart shape, double tier, round, square, etc. The unique flavor and cream melt in your mouth, and you want to try it again and again (well, don’t overeat it if you are on a diet). So, step into the New Year with a new creamy flavor of red velvet cake.

  • Minion New Year Cake

We know parents are the real blessing for kids; that’s why they do everything to make their kids happy. If you are planning a surprise, New Year Party for your kids, choose Minion cake without a second thought. This fantastic cake is a fabulous treat for your kids, and they will love you more.

So, have you chosen your New Year Cake now? We are sure that we have made a successful effort to list-down some whimsical cakes for you. Remember, selecting a well-reputed and recognized cake shop always works like the cherry on the top, so think twice before you place for the order.