Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobile App developer Miami


Just like the general evolution of software development, the needs and challenges of businesses have been revolutionized. The interaction between customers and businesses has shifted from desktops to mobile devices, which has undoubtedly led to an increased need for appropriate enterprise mobile applications.

However, developing well-designed and successful enterprise mobile applications is not an easy task. Here we will discuss the changing and complex requirements of enterprises and how app developer Miami can better address them.

Table of Contents

Fragmentation of devices and operating systems

Currently, there is significant fragmentation of devices and operating systems in the market. As an enterprise mobile app developer, when you create an app for your client, you must first choose between the three most common platforms (iOS, Android and Windows)… These in turn need to attract their own customers.

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As a developer, you of course want to create an app with configurations and features compatible with each of them. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind the needs of your customers. You don’t only want to attract customers with your application, but also make profits at the same time… It is not enough to consider the interoperability of the application; you also need to know the preferences of your company’s target customers.

Development technology

Mobile app development is generally divided into two types:

1) native app development and

2) hybrid application development.

Native apps are developed specifically for a given platform (e.g. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry). Native applications are generally distinguished by a better user experience and higher application performance, because they are designed and developed in the operating system and not on the web. The main drawback of native applications? You have to develop apps for each platform, which is time-consuming and not really cost-effective.

Hybrid mobile apps are usually developed with HTML5 and can be installed on any mobile device, but run via a web browser. Hybrid mobile app development reduces the time required to build and market apps for multiple platforms. On the other hand, hybrid apps can lag in performance and you may have to give up some important features.

When choosing the right solution, keep in mind that the wrong choice can result in poor application performance, a bad user experience and/or unnecessary costs. That’s why it’s important that you know your customers’ target group and their preferred mobile providers (as well as any third-party providers). This will help you to understand which development technology to use.

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Interactivity and User Experience

For obvious reasons, UI/EU is the biggest challenge for mobile app developer Miami. Your first challenge is to create the best possible customer experience. Another challenge is the volatility of customers regarding mobile app features and their ever-changing aesthetic preferences. Another challenge for you, enterprise app developer Miami, is the variability of different platforms in terms of screen size, resolution, and technology.

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If none of these factors are taken into account, the customer is likely to have an unintuitive and complicated experience, which can then lead to low adoption rates in the market. To overcome this problem, you need to consider the requirements of different operating systems, fix errors frequently, use icons and disable hardware buttons (like “Home” or “Menu”) to make your application more intuitive. Make your application usable on different platforms and introduce more interactive options, such as shake, tilt, and rotate.

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Content management and security

The demand for content for mobile applications is growing and becoming more dynamic. In addition to text, images, videos, and animations are also in high demand in-app content. The challenge is to pack all this into monolithic extension files, which is necessary for some app stores.

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