Champagne Flute Box Can Deliver Your Products Safely

Champagne Flute Box

Champagne symbolizes elegance. It’s a perfect way to add more charm to your celebration. No matter whatever the occasion is, people love drinking champagne to enjoy their festivity. To enhance the beauty and make it presentable, champagnes are served in flute glasses. It adds a royal touch and makes people enjoy their drinks more. As the fizziness of sparkling wine became a struggle to preserve, therefore the champagne flutes started becoming a favorable choice. Their long and narrow structure can preserve carbonation properly.

However, when it comes to packaging this delicate product, a champagne flute box is the best option to consider. It is designed from premium quality cardboard which holds the product firmly. Such packaging is ideal to protect your product from external damage and ensure safe delivery. It helps in creating a style statement by grabbing the attention of hundreds of customers. Here is a complete guide on how a champagne flute box can be used to deliver your product safely:

Invest in Best Quality Material:

When it comes to packaging delicate products like champagne flute glass, the use of the best quality material becomes mandatory. Cardboard and corrugated packaging are some of the most preferred choices for packaging glass items. This is because the material is highly durable and strong enough to withstand the hardships of transportation. It saves your products from jerks, external pressure, mishandling, or any accidental downfall by providing good support. Cardboard is known for its compression strength. Its robustness increases as you keep on adding corrugated layers. Its horizontal edges are perforated while vertical ones are chemically treated. This structure makes it sturdier as compared to other packaging materials.

Go for Good Void Fill:

Glass products like champagne flutes are often irregular in shape. They are more fragile than other items, therefore, need better protection. In these wine glasses, the stem is brittle and can break easily. Also, its top edges can chip. The use of good quality void filler ensures that these glass items do not move around in the Custom Champagne flute box and remain protected from all sides. Here are some of the commonly use void fills to may use:

  • Cell pack: A cell pack is a cardboard box having cell partitions made up of cardboard itself. Each cell is designed in a perfect size so that the flute does not move around. Styrofoam sheets can also be used to make cell partitions. They keep the packaging light and compact.
  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wraps are used industry-wide. They are water-resistant, more flexible, and reusable. A bubble wrap is often used by many businesses to create perfect cushioning. It also keeps the glass item fixed at its place protecting it from minor falls and bumps.
  • Paper or Corrugated Roll: If you want a more eco-friendly solution then the paper is a good choice. You can use it in several forms like newspapers, shredded paper, crinkled paper, or a corrugated roll. Just use them inside a Champagne flute box Wholesale to enhance the level of protection. Styrofoam: Custom-built Styrofoam molds are also used for the packaging of delicate items. They are known for optimum protection and support. The Champagne flute box using Styrofoam as filler is stackable. It won’t put pressure on the fragile glass.

Proper Sealing is Necessary:

Champagne flutes are quite heavy. When they are packed in a cardboard or corrugated box, still there is a chance that these glass products may fall out of the box upon lifting. The best solution is to seal the box in a way to provides good proper support. Some of the common methods of sealing include:

  • Carton tape: It is a common way to seal the Champagne flute box in USA. Wide tapes are used to provide better sealing. Using them ensures that your box will not tear while opening.
  • Protection film: Once you have placed the champagne flutes inside the box, wrap them by using plastic protection film. It is wider than tape and often comes up with an adhesive. It is a great way to keep your package waterproof.
  • Film tape: It is similar to protection film and is used to create a tighter seal due to its stretchability.
  • Foam tape: Foam tape is also a good option to seal glassware in the box and protect the package from bumps and drops.

Focus on a Perfect Box Size:

Using a right-sized packaging box is quite essential for protecting the items well. Your box should have enough space for placing in the product as well as the void fill. However, it should not be too large to make the product move all around and increase your cost by using excessive filler. On the other hand, a too compact box will put more stress on the champagne flutes and may lead to crack.

A better way is to calculate your product dimensions and then design a box according to keeping a margin of one to two inches. The boxes made from corrugated cardboard are an excellent choice for packaging glass items this is basically because the material is durable and stackable and provides a certain degree of padding itself. Use proper labeling to ensure a safe delivery. A simple label printed with “Fragile or handle with care” can help the shippers in understanding that delicate items are present inside the box.