Know-How Restaurant Chefs Prepare The Famous Pizza Burrata?

Famous Pizza Burrata?

You must have wondered how the popular Pizza Burrata tastes so good in restaurants. One reason is that Italians have been making it for a very long time and they are experts in their work. But a few extra points make it easy for the chefs to prepare the pizza.

Chefs At Restaurants Preparing Famous Pizza Burrata

Many of the restaurants have open kitchens in which you can see the chefs preparing the dishes. But others don’t give the customers this facility; so for them, the following points will tell them how the Burrata pizza is prepared.

Making Fresh Pizza Dough

Already prepared pizza dough is available in frozen form, but the trick of making a delicious pizza is to use fresh ingredients for pizza dough. This technique is also great for making sauce and toppings as well.

Use Hands For Kneading

Although, large machines are installed in restaurants so that kneading of the pizza dough is easy. Hand kneading tells you when to add more water or even flour. This advantage doesn’t come with machines. This is the reason why you see Italian chefs making Pizza Burrata dough with their hands.

Allowing Dough To rise Properly

Allowing the dough to rise properly will make the pizza stretchy and chewy. The chefs allow the dough to rise at room temperature for at least 45 minutes. The original size of the dough will rise triple that before.

Watch Out When Applying Sauce

People might think that applying more sauce will make the pizza tastier, but on the contrary, when the pizza is baked it will become soggy. So the chefs at restaurants like Burrata House will apply only a thin layer of sauce.

Don’t Add Too Much

The phrase less is more completely fits when it comes to Burrata pizza. The expert chefs focus more on the quality of the ingredients rather than how much they are added to the topping. The ingredients should also be from Italy.

Cooking In Stone Ovens

Many restaurants don’t have stone ovens because the location doesn’t allow them. But they have a great solution of placing the pizza on stones and place it in normal ovens. But the traditional way of baking the burrata pizza is in specially made stone ovens.

Constantly Checking The Pizza

If you have had a bad experience with the pizza then this means the chef was not checking the pizza when it was baking. Many of the ingredients need less time to cook so they have to be added just minutes before taking the pizza out.

Only Grilling Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is a very delicate variety; so special attention has to be given. The restaurant chefs make it a point to grill the dishes like pizza so that the cheese doesn’t burn.

Authentic And Genuine Ingredients

Italian chefs are stubborn when it comes to using the ingredients for the dishes. If the ingredients are not from Italy; then they will refuse to cook.

Pre-Heat The Oven For Best Results

For all kinds of pizza and especially Pizza Burrata preheating the oven is essential. By following all the above points the chefs create the perfect Burrata pizza.