How to Deep Clean Even the Dirtiest Makeup Brushes

clean makeup brushes at home

Are you looking for a good way of how to deep clean makeup brushes at home? This should not be a complicated task but can be rather challenging if you are new to caring for such items. Most people do not know how to go about taking care of their brushes properly. Some might even feel like they do not need to know how to deep clean makeup brushes at all. After all, using such items regularly should mean that it will not be necessary to clean them at all.

Different Ways Clean Makeup Brushes:

You should remember that if you want to make sure that your makeup brushes are cleaned well. It will take more than just dropping a few drops of alcohol into the bottle. Then wiping them with a dry towel. While this may seem unnecessary, oil build-up can occur almost immediately. After use, and thus it would be wise to also apply a small amount of alcohol-based cleaner on your damp brushes each day. If you adopt such an approach, you’ll only need to deep clean your makeup brushes once every couple of weeks. Of course, this will depend on how frequently you use such items at home.

There are different ways on how to deep clean makeup brushes at home. Some prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, while others prefer to get their makeup brushes wet in hot water. You can choose between these two methods depending on how you feel comfortable. If you have the time, you may also try soaking your makeup brushes in a solution made up of one part tap water and two parts lemon juice or milk. However, if you are going to do this task outside, make sure that you have something safe to throw down like a garden hose.

Possible To Clean Makeup Brushes:

Once you’ve gotten rid of the accumulated dirt on your dirty makeup brushes, you might also want to polish them. However, this isn’t necessary if you own expensive brushes. If possible, you should just use the sink or the bathroom sink to soak in hot water and brush the dirt away. It’s important to be careful when doing this, though, as you don’t want to end up scratching your face with the bristles of your brush. Soaking the bristles is usually best done with a plastic basin and a scrubby brush. Just make sure that whichever method you use, your dirty makeup brushes aren’t brushed too hard into the dirt.

Some people also prefer to use a mild soap and water to clean makeup brushes at home. Just make sure that you aren’t using anything that’s scented or fancy-sounding. A simple, plain soapy solution or baby shampoo will work just fine. Before using the solution, it’s important to note that you should never immerse your makeup brushes in the solution-this can result in serious damage and even smelly brushes.

Useful Tips To Deep Clean:

When learning how to deep clean even the dirtiest makeup brushes, another useful tip is to store them in their own special brush purse. If you Find makeup Artist For your big day, then this may seem like a waste, but it will actually help you maintain your brushes properly. You can store the purse in a place where they will still be able to receive air circulation. This is especially crucial if you have a lot of bristles on your brushes.

One more tip for cleaning your brushes is to use hot water instead of antibacterial soap. Hot water is very effective at killing bacteria and it also opens up your pores. This means that you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your brushes. Instead of using soap, you can use hot water and a small amount of liquid detergent to clean your brushes. Use a separate brush for your cleanser and soap, so that you won’t end up with an overly thick lather. Make sure that you rinse off the soap from your brushes thoroughly before you use them again.


Learning how to deep clean even the dirtiest makeup brushes is a great idea. Because it will help you maintain your brushes properly. If you don’t clean your brushes regularly, then you could potentially ruin them. If your brushes are heavily stained or covered in grease and grime, then you could actually damage your makeup. Using the tips above will help you get the most out of your makeup brushes, Hairstyles for women over 60 ensuring that you have a beautiful, streak-free, makeup that lasts for many days.