Digital Printing on Wood


Digital Printing on Wood is a new and emerging method of printing with color that can be printed directly onto a wood material such as hardwood, laminates, melamine, urethane, or even plastic. The reason why this new process has become so popular is because it offers more choices than traditional printing methods such as lithography or dye sublimation printing. This new technology is also known as digital photo printing, digital UV printing, or digital photo print technology. Digital printing on wood offers the advantages of using existing wood material and increasing the quality and durability of the final print in a shorter time frame.

Traditional methods of printing such as lithography or dye sublimation involve a process of heating a solid piece of wood and transferring the colors through a coated medium. With digital UV technology, the wood material is exposed to a coated drum of ink that is printed directly onto the wood. The printout from the printer is solid and true and provides high quality color results and a large format that is virtually impossible to break, this is made possible with a wood printing machine, a flatbed UV LED printer.

Digital UV printing has become popular in a variety of applications including signs, invitations, brochures, manuals, business cards, flyers, pop art designs, posters, legal briefs, and more. The ease of use for this type of printing is unmatched by any other process of printing on wood. With digital printing on wood, one can create a print quickly and with little cost. Printing a large volume of information onto a single roll of paper using a traditional print job and then transferring that print to a wooden board that can be used for further projects is time consuming and a hassle.

Digital printing on wood is a great solution for a wide variety of situations because it offers a cost effective solution to many printing needs. The process of digitally printing on wood involves a process that allows the use of a computer and a printer to produce printouts that are virtually identical to that of a traditional print job. This can be done in less time and with less hassle than any other method. There are now many print shops that offer digital print jobs from both established studios and online businesses. These types of print shops are able to offer a wide range of digital print products that are perfect for almost any situation.

In the past, it was necessary for a printer to process large volumes of print jobs using traditional methods of printing. The large cost and time associated with processing print jobs required that many print shops either rent their equipment or purchase it outright. Today, there are still some print shops that must maintain an actual physical space for processing print jobs. Because of this, digital printing on wood has become a viable alternative for many companies.

Using a digital UV printer to print out documents and photo prints will allow a company to save both money and space. When space is at a premium, small companies often must choose between having too much office furniture and not enough room. Digital printing on wood reduces this dilemma because a digital UV printer is capable of printing directly onto wood. This is done with inkjet technology to produce high quality prints.

In addition to printing directly onto the wood frame, a digital UV printer also has the ability to print onto a high quality vinyl graphic or labels. These print products are attractive, durable, and perfect for any printing situation. Digital printing on wood will also allow companies to print their own logos or custom designs onto wooden items for promotional purposes.

With the new, improved technology in digital printers, it is now possible to print digitally and have high quality print products that are suitable for almost any situation. Companies that are searching for cost-effective ways to save space and eliminate physical storage areas will find that digital printing on wood is a great solution. With affordable pricing and high quality print products, it is easy to see why digital printing on wood is gaining popularity among businesses. Contact one of your local printers today to learn more about how they can help you!