Does Your Netgear EX2700 Extender Keep Losing Connection?


    Does your Netgear EX2700 extender keep on losing connection? Well, it’s probably happening because your WiFi device is aging. But, worry not. Regardless of how old your Netgear device has gotten, the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article will surely help you fix the issue at hand.

    So, let’s get started, shall we?

    Reasons Why Your Netgear Extender Keeps Losing Connection

    There can be various reasons why your EX2700 WiFi extender keeps losing connection. Some of the topmost contributing factors are listed below:

    • Improper hardware configuration

    • Loose cable connections

    • The extender and router are connected wirelessly

    • Impartial Netgear EX2700 setup

    • Corrupted or outdated firmware

    • Interference in the WiFi signals of your device

    • Random technical glitches

    Now that you know why your Netgear extender keeps losing connection, you’ll be able to resolve the issue more efficiently. Read on to find out how to troubleshoot the issue.

    Resolved: Netgear EX2700 Extender Keeps Losing Connection

    While trying to bugger off the issue at hand, if you get stuck at any point, know that you can reach out to our highly experienced technical experts at any hour of the day.

    Perform Netgear Firmware Update

    One of the major reasons why your Netgear extender keeps losing connection is because its firmware is either outdated or corrupted. If the firmware of your EX2700 extender is outdated, it is recommended that you update it immediately.

    Updating the firmware doesn’t require much. All you need to do is, follow these instructions:

    • Connect your laptop to the WiFi network.

    • Then, open a web browser of your choice on the laptop.

    • Access mywifiext and follow the on-screen instructions to update your device.

    In a couple of seconds, the firmware of the EX2700 extender will get updated to its latest version.

    Switch to a Different Connection Source

    Another common reason why your EX2700 keeps losing connection is because it isn’t connected to the router properly. Chances are that your extender and router are connected wirelessly, thereby creating all the fuss.

    To troubleshoot this issue, it is recommended that you connect your devices with the help of an Ethernet cable. Just make sure that the Ethernet cable you use should be free of cuts, brekage, or any other damages. If you keep these parameters in mind, you’ll surely be able to get rid of the issue at hand.

    Power Cycle Your Netgear Extender

    You can also fix the Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection issue by rebooting your device. Have you tried that yet? Well, it’s high time you do. Mentioned below are the instructions that you need to follow in order to power cycle your WiFi device:

    • Reboot both your Netgear router and modem.

    • Then, give your devices some time to relax.

    • Plug both your devices into the wall socket and make sure that they are connected.

    After rebooting your devices, try to access the Netgear extender setup wizard. Is your WiFi device still losing connection? If yes, then it’s probably because of a technical glitch. To get rid of the technical glitch, restore your device to its factory default settings.

    Perform Factory Default Reset

    Resetting your Netgear EX2700 extender isn’t that difficult honestly. All you requires is for you follow a couple of steps and you’re good to go. Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow in order to restore your device to its default mode:

    • Look for the Reset button on your extender.

    • Once found, press it using a paper clip or an oil pin.

    Now, wait for a couples of seconds for your device to get restored to its factory default settings.