Easy way to buy a computer


If your computer is more than four years old, you may not be looking for a new one right away. Buying a new computer isn’t a blatant science and it’s a lot easier for the average person than you might think. If you don’t play high-end games, this makes it easier for you to pick things up on your new PC. We will guide you to your new computer with several options that will help you choose the right computer for you.


Does speed really matter? This happens if you are playing a video game, editing a large spreadsheet, or running a complex application. You can tell which program needs more power to run. Surfing the internet, using Microsoft Office at home, uploading and editing photos doesn’t take much power. If you are just a regular computer user, you should not buy from above, as it is like throwing away your money. For the average computer user, any dual-core processor is enough.


How much memory is enough? The simple answer is 4 GB. Memory plays an important role in the speed at which a computer operates. Running out of memory will slow down your computer. According to this article, 4 GB is a reasonable amount and will be required within the next two years. When buying a new computer, you need to check the memory speed, which will be DDR2 or DDR3. You don’t notice the difference, so you don’t have to worry about numbers after the memory type. How fast is DDR3 than DDR2? It doesn’t really matter because it’s invisible to the average computer user. The important thing is how much space is available for your computer, 4 GB is enough.

Hard disk

What size hard disk do you need? It really depends on how many photos, videos, music, and documents you have. The size of your hard drive does not slow down or speed up your computer. What is the difference between hard drive speeds? Home computers are usually offered with only two speeds. 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm. This speed makes a small difference to the speed at which the computer reads that information. For comfortable computer users, a hardness of 5400 rpm is enough. You will notice the biggest difference between copying and opening a large file.

Photographers card

If you don’t play games and don’t need very high resolutions, your video card won’t matter. Affordable PCs do more than just high-quality games. In addition, we need to think more about video cards. Some have the TV and video inputs and outputs you want, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Connection network

You don’t necessarily have to have the latest and fastest wireless network cards. If the signal is good, wireless networks B, G, and N all run on the Internet at the same speed. Sharing files on your home network and sharing the distance wireless signals can travel will improve the speed of WirelessN. According to this article, B and G are standard, N with wireless adapter will become the new standard soon. It is recommended to have N to extend the distance. Similarly, Ethernet is 10/100/1000. Unless you have a home network and files are being shared, 1000 is useless.

CD/DVD drive

Most computers now come with a CD/DVD burning drive as standard. If your computer says “DVD ± RW/CD-RW drive supports dual layer”, you need this unless you’re looking for Blu-ray. I will stay away from them until the prices drop and become the global standard. If you want to burn DVD faster, find the DVD burning speed of your device.


Other features to watch out for include a built-in webcam, media player, other inputs, and additional software that comes with your computer. Some now come with Bluetooth technology that can help you.

After purchase

When you bring your new computer home, don’t forget to install all the included software installed on your new computer. Also, uninstall Norton Antivirus to get a product that does not surround your new computer and seems to be slow. I recommend ESET NOD32 because it is a very lightweight and powerful antivirus and firewall. Beware of people trying to sell you something else for your computer, like some big store. Don’t be afraid to buy what’s available for free or at a low price. Take your computer to a reputable local computer repair shop and get honest service from people who really care about supporting your community. Your Source For Advice