Everything You Need to Know About Gastric Sleeve Costs

Gastric Sleeve Costs
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Gastric sleeve is a weight loss procedure that is being done more and more often. If you consider this surgery, it’s important to know all the associated gastric sleeve costs. We’ll discuss the cost of the surgery itself as well as what other expenses you should anticipate when deciding whether or not to have this operation performed on your body.

The total cost associated with gastric sleeve surgery can vary significantly, so you must find out up front how much your procedure will set you back. Even if a hospital offers free or low-cost surgery, you can still be responsible for additional fees. Two things that are often overlooked while considering the costs are anesthesia and facility fees. These fees will vary depending on where you live and what kind of anesthesiologist is used for your surgery.

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The Breakdown of Gastric Sleeve Costs


Gastric sleeve anesthesiology fees are usually included in the cost. This type of weight loss surgery does not require general anesthesia but is relatively local or epidural to numb your body from the breastbone down. Comparing gastric bypass vs sleeve, the bypass needs general anesthesia. If you choose general anesthesia, you can expect to pay an additional $500 -$1500 for this service which is typically included in gastric sleeve surgery costs if it’s a local or epidural type of anesthesia.

Operating room facility fee

The operating room facility fee for gastric sleeve surgery can range from $0 – $12,000. The average clinic cost is around $15-20,000 and goes up to an estimated maximum price of about $35k in some facilities.

Surgical supplies and medication

The surgery costs can vary depending on the patient’s location, medical condition and insurance coverage. The average price of gastric sleeve surgery is $15,000 – $20,000 in the United States. However, many weight loss clinics offer affordable package deals that include surgical procedures and follow-up care and nutritional support. Lesser requirements for surgical supplies decrease the lap band surgery costs.

Nursing care fee

Hospital or skilled nursing care following surgery is necessary for every patient. The average length of stay is three days. In some cases, your gastric sleeve surgeon may also charge a separate office visit fee. This amount can range from $350 up to $550.

Does insurance cover gastric surgery costs?

The cost for a gastric sleeve surgery can seem high if your health insurance provider does not cover it. While some weight-loss surgeries like the lap band and the adjustable gastric band are covered, gastric sleeve surgery is not. However, you may be able to negotiate a lower price if your doctor offers financing options or works with a partner company that provides payment plans for patients who cannot pay the whole amount upfront.

Are there any financing plans available?

If you cannot pay for the surgery in full, your doctor may be able to provide a patient with alternate payment options. These financial assistance programs are offered through companies specialising in delivering medical funding resources to those who need them. They work directly with health care providers and can help arrange an agreement between patients and surgeons who offer payment plans.



Is a gastric sleeve worth it?

Many obese or severely overweight people who tried to lose weight through dieting on their own without success might consider gastric sleeve surgery. It is a procedure that reduces the stomach to about 25% of its original size by surgically removing part of it. It creates a new smaller stomach pouch that holds only enough food for two to three ounces. The food then bypasses most of the stomach and part of the small intestines, limiting absorption, which helps with weight loss.

What are the cons of gastric sleeve?

  • A long recovery time is a con of gastric sleeve. Recovery from the surgery will take approximately one month, and patients often need assistance with daily activities for up to three months after leaving the hospital.
  • Another possible significant complication or a possible gastric sleeve cost is that it can cause malnutrition or nutrient deficiencies due to side effects like vitamin deficiency, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea.

Does insurance pay for gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve costs are generally between $20,000 to $30,000. In addition to the cost of the surgery itself, there can be additional expenses related, such as pre-surgery testing and doctor’s fees, that your budget must also cover. Many insurance companies cover gastric sleeve surgery, but this varies from company to company. You should contact your insurance provider to determine their policy and if they will cover the surgery or any of the costs associated with it.

How much weight will I lose after gastric sleeve surgery?

While this is a common question patients have, it’s not an easy one to answer. Every patient and procedure can vary, so there are no complex numbers that you can depend on to estimate your weight loss success before surgery. You should also know the costs associated with gastric sleeve surgery since they will affect how much money you invest in yourself for your health and wellness.