Coming To Steam: Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII is a PlayStation role-playing video game evolved through Square Enix and posted in 1997. It is the 7th essential installment with inside the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 turned into a huge hit and became first launched on PlayStation; however, it became currently pulled from the PlayStation Exclusive segment in shops earlier than Microsoft and Bethesda’s showcase, which hinted on the truth that the Final Fantasy VII Remake could be heading to Xbox.

Furthermore, we’ve a few extra exciting pieces of information today because it seems that Microsoft isn’t the handiest person who might be acquiring entry to the famous title. After all, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 has additionally made its manner to the Steam platform.

As visible in the screenshot of the Steamdb website, an unknown app with the code 1462040 known as Final Fantasy VII Remake became uploaded and up to date eight hours ago, implying that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 might be launched on Steam.

It makes sense, given Final Fantasy Director Tetsuya Nomura’s statement, everyone can stay up for the unveiling,” hinted at destiny titles being to be had on all platforms. In different words, Part 1 of the Final Fantasy VII remake may be a part of that change.

All of those occasions look like a part of a bigger picture, with Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 being pulled from Playstation’s Exclusive shop segment days earlier than Microsoft and Bethesda’s showcase, director Tetsuya Nomura’s statement, after which Steamdb being up to date for the discharge of Final Fantasy Remake Part 1 on Steam.

Regardless, we’re incredibly joyful to peer one of the most famous Final Fantasy titles to Steam. It might be one of the favorite maximum titles within side the Final Fantasy series, and it’s miles encouraging to peer that Final Fantasy is taking the perfect steps to make sure that everybody can revel in Final Fantasy titles.

It’s traumatic that a sport you need to play is the handiest to be had on a selected platform, and you don’t have any desire, however, to shop for that platform’s hardware or abandon it.

What is your mind about the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1? Do you watch the steam network will nicely acquire it? What is your preferred Final Fantasy title?