Flavoure Nang – Four Types of Noodle Variety You Should Buy


The famous, authentic flavor of Vietnamese noodles is flavoure. This is a mixture of meats, vegetables and seasonings that makes noodles taste better than any other sauce you can use. Even though noodle dishes are not something you would normally eat out to eat with family, having them as your Sunday dinner table centerpiece can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you want to make this dish in your home, here are some tips on how to buy flavoure for your noodles.


One of the best places to buy flavoure nangs is in the Chinatown of Hanoi. Many Chinese noodle shops sell fresh noodles from Vietnam. They know how to blend flavors together so you don’t get the typical old Chinese noodle smell and taste. Many noodles are also packed with vegetables that will give you tons of health benefits.

Tifo and Hoaf Skimmers:

Vietnamese noodle soups are usually spiced with ginger, salt, sugar, mustard seeds, coriander, bay leaves and lemongrass. If you want to buy flavoure nangs in bulk for a long time, then try going to Hanoi’s Asian Market or Ha Long Bay. These markets usually sell brightly colored thin disks of noodles come in big batches.

Pudgy Ni Home Framed:

Often people buy cheap nangs at the local markets but often these are not the best quality noodles. Many of these come in packages that include glutinous rice. It is important to get rid of the plastic wrapping before you pick up the noodles because many manufacturers add plastic to make their noodles look more attractive. However, once you remove the plastic, you can determine if the noodle package has gone bad or not. The good brand of noodle that comes in a package is guaranteed to be fresh.

Banco Lawhole:

Vietnamese soups are usually prepared with Banco di Gavi, which is a yellow-gold flour. You might find noodles coming in packages with ten sheets or even more. However, don’t be fooled by its flashy color, because these noodles are still unrefined. In fact, they have been kept in air tight bags inside dark wooden boxes for up to two months. When you buy flavoure nangs from the LaFonzo store in Manila, you can assure yourself that these noodles come from a family of proven performers.

Baked Nights:

Vietnamese noodles whipped cream charger in thin discs or thin slices. Either way, the important thing about these noodles is that they come wrapped in a brown paper bag before they are sent to factories. During shipping, these noodle packets are dipped in thick and dark soupeners. When you buy flavoure nangs from Baklava Noodle Restaurant in Manila, you know that you are getting high quality noodles that will last a long time.

Coconut Grims:

Coconut flavored noodles are hand tossed and then deep fried to give it that wonderful crunch and rich flavor. The good thing about this noodle variety is that they come in small portions. That’s why when you buy flavoure nangs from Cacao Noodle Shop in Manila, you can have many servings for yourself at a very low price. These noodles are also great when you buy it frozen. It saves you money from buying a lot of packs and it makes it very easy to cook it. Another advantage of buying frozen coconut flavored nuggets is that you can always have them as your favorite dishes on your menu.

Egg Placeholes:

Far away from being your traditional school meals, eggplant nang comes in light wheat flour and egg white powder. They are cooked in a special Chinese way, so you have to make sure that you buy these noodles come with plastic or aluminum foil inside them. This ensures that the buy nangs online do not stick to each other as they are heated. Eggplant and is an ideal choice when you buy flavored noodles come in different varieties like spicy, light and medium. They are best served with rice.