How Castaway Food Packaging Change the Trend of Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Food is loved by people all over the globe and Australia is no exception. There are is a big variety of food items and everyone loves to consume them. The food brands in the industry are increasing each day. There is a lot of competition in the industry and packaging plays an important role. It can enhance sales for the brand and keeps the food secure. Castaway food packaging has become very common in Australia as they offer quality food packaging. Brands need to be aware of the packaging trends so they can provide fresh food to all their customers. Eating inside the restaurant is a trend but even street food is also very popular. Here is how castaway food packaging can change the trend of packaging:


As the demand for food is increasing every day so is the demand for sustainable packaging. Many people are now conscious of the safety of the environment. They also want to take care of their health. There are plenty of high-profile campaigns going around the world. They all promote sustainable packaging solutions and aware people of them. The trend of food packaging has changed and moved over to coffee cups, plastic straws, and foam takeaway. Fast food items like burgers, fries, and pizza are delicate and can contaminate easily.

Fast-food packaging has to be sturdy or else it will not retain the freshness of these items. Kraft is considered one of the best materials for food packaging as it secures food and keeps the environment safe. It will prevent leakage of oil and prevent fast food from becoming soggy. Most people will prefer such packaging as they crave fresh food. It will also enhance the sales of brands.

Emotional Engagement of Customers

Most of the customers nowadays are interested in eating street food. It has an authentic taste and they love it that the food is prepared in front of them. Youngsters crave spicy foods that can satisfy their taste buds. Many food vendors are popping up each day in different neighborhoods and offer juicy foods. This trend is here to stay as consumers want to try different dishes. The foods they are craving are served and made in front of them. There are new cuisines that are introduced every other day so the taste and trends of people also keep changing.

Many customers are emotionally attached to a food brand as they feel they can get the best quality food. Even when they are in a retail shop they will look for the packaging that has all the details about the product. They are not looking for a product but rather a story they can get connected to. The food packing boxes is turning out to be the best solution as it keeps the food items safe. Emotional content is very much popular when it comes to advertising a brand.

Vintage-Inspired Designs

There is no doubt that vintage designs have a nostalgic value for many customers. They evoke happy moments and make the packaging easy to handle. Nowadays people have a busy lifestyle and it is not easy for them to handle difficult packaging. The vintage-inspired designs can attract people of all ages and this packaging trend is never going to go. Many customers love Ceres food boxes as it offers fresh and organic fruits. There are plenty of organic vegetables available that satisfy their taste buds. If your brand is selling biscuits, chips, frozen food, and other such food items vintage packaging is the best option. The classic examples are graphics, letterpress fonts, solid matte, and even pastel colors.

Transparent and Clear Labeling

According to recent research, 50% of consumers are interested in purchasing those items that have transparent labeling. There is no doubt cardboard food boxes are the perfect solution for all food items. It is printing friendly and offset or digital printing can be used to print information about the food products. Nowadays people are very conscious about what they are consuming so they will like to know the ingredients. Brands have to print expiry, production, and other such information to make them feel at ease. Most brands are making use of clear and transparent labeling that indicates the food contents easily. Clean labeling can work wonders for the brand as it attracts many buyers and helps them make quick purchase decisions.

Enhanced Portability

Most of the customers have a busy lifestyle and they are looking for quick food options. They want to grab foods that are quick and easy to eat, hold or preserve. Food brands are working hard to improve the quality of packaging to enhance their sales. McDonalds has recently introduced a McBike package for cyclists so they can enjoy easy packaging. The pack helps them carry fries, burgers, and a drink in a foldable case. It also features a hooked handlebar that is easy to hold. Customers love to purchase party food boxes so they can enjoy eating food with their loved ones at a special event. Dunkin Donuts has created a coffee cup that is edible and can also carry sugar or cream inside. Paper-based packaging is also popular as you can easily carry 1 kg of food or vegetable in it.

Minimal Designs

Minimalism has become a new trend in packaging that will always remain popular. The packaging industry has moved away from flamboyant packaging and cluttered designs. Packaging designs are now simple that feature clear labeling to impress customers. Minimalist designs are here to stay due to their no-nonsense nature. Paper boxes for food are perfect as they retain the real taste of food and consumers can enjoy fully. You will notice that these boxes are commonly seen everywhere.

They are strong, sturdy, and offer a visually appealing packaging design. All the packed food items like snack bars and ketchup are packed in cardboard boxes. Paper packaging is common for fast food items at prominent restaurants. When the design is simple it will reduce your cost and can you still stand out among the crowd. You need not go over the top and still manage to win against your rivals and enhance sales. The graphics, colors, and images also play an important role in making this packaging visually appealing.