Free Daily Christian Bible Mail


Most Christians know that they must read the Word of God. They understand that it is the message that God addresses to them and that He expects them to read it. However, for various reasons, many Christians consider this responsibility an impossible task. It is a mountain they fear they cannot climb. The Bible seems so big to them. They do not understand how it works. The vocabulary and grammar are difficult. Many Christians give up and never read the Bible, or at least not to the end.

Now there is another way.

An annual Chronological Bible Reading Plan for beginners takes into account the significant number of people who are not heavily trained in the Word of God. Some websites offer users a free daily Bible by email. This plan provides a springboard so you don’t have to read every word of Scripture the first time. You will start with the basic elements. Once you are comfortable at that level, you can move on to studying the entire Bible.

Don’t think that we are judging which parts of the Bible are important.

They are all important. But some parts should preferably be read by beginners. The Bible speaks of the milk and the meat of the Word. Beginners start with the milk and then move on to the meat. This reading plan is to familiarize you with the milk of the Word. Once you have become familiar with the milk, you will be ready to begin reading the meatier parts of the Word. We encourage you to read this plan at least once, and if you feel the need, twice. After that, you can move on to a plan that covers the entire Bible. By that time, much of this information will be familiar to you and the rest will become clearer.

With the advent of Internet technology, everyone’s lifestyle has changed.

You can receive the daily Bible by e-mail. In other words, there are excellent websites that offer daily Bible newsletters via email for those who cannot study this holy book every day. With this service, you can study the Bible in a year. You just need to find the websites that offer excellent electronic Bible newsletters. You need to sign up on these websites to receive your Bible as an email every day.

Most of these websites offer their users the Bible in the King James Version. The Holy Bible in King James Version contains words and phrases that anyone can easily understand. Finally, there are several established and experienced websites that offer these services to their valued customers. For more information and details, please visit their valuable websites.

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