Fundamentals of Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a frequently changing landscape. The major change in online marketing came with Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm update. These updates proved to be devastating for some online marketers, their ranking sank drastically while few were happy because they did not have to undergo any blow because they used all the white hat practices.

Unfortunately, there was also a third class that got seriously affected. Website owners that did not had dedicated marketing team saw a drastic fall in their ranking because they were working just with small tricks in their marketing and did not had any dedicated efforts for marketing. Most of the website in this category were focused on day-to-day operation.

Marketing needs a dedicated time and practice. Hence a marketer who does not dedicate time in marketing is surely committing biggest mistake that can even sink their business.

To save you and your business, SEOCalling has come up with this post that talks about the best practices followed in online marketing.


Building an online marketing strategy is like constructing a building that requires a solid foundation. There are three solid foundations in online marketing. If you want to incur maximum benefit from marketing then dig into these fundamentals and grasp every bit of it.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management

When you want to optimize your website for the marketing world, it is very important to have a knowledge about every bit and piece of it. Not only the positive aspect but the shortcomings should also be in your mind so that you can plan accordingly.


Making money from online business is requires to combine several strategies together. One of them is search engine optimization or SEO. SEO helps the website to get found in the search results. It is a fact that 90% of people click on the results appearing in the first page of the search result. Ranking in this first page of SERP is very important in terms of making your business flourish.

Building a full proof SEO strategy requires to select relevant keywords and providing valuable content related to these keywords. But it was found by search engine that keywords were easily manipulated. Websites ranked just on the basis of keywords. Nevertheless, this practice was uprooted by the penguin and panda update of Google. Now the best practice for SEO include:

  • Relevant keywords
  • Value content
  • Website loading time
  • Image and content


Content marketing is the most prevalent practices of marketing. It helps to build the brand and instill confidence in the users about the company. Content marketing include blogs, videos, podcasts, and even video games. But the biggest drawback in content marketing is, if you have low quality content then your ranking can get affected significantly. Therefore, to have better ranking use high value content.


In terms of businesses, social media is the best way to combine content marketing and SEO. social media is the primary way content is shared. Sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook all allow consumers to share valuable content with others in the network. A common mistake that we encounter in social media marketing is focusing on acquiring large followings. Rather focusing on gaining larger followings, businesses should focus on building better engagement. In order to succeed you need to interact with your users and create a dedicated community.

These three are basic foundation of online marketing. Getting the knowledge of all the aspects will give you a marketing strategy that is profitable for your business.