Funny and Eye-Catchy Birthday Cake Ideas for Men


Undoubtedly, surprises and unexpected gifts always double the joy, fun, and delight of a birthday. Generally, the family’s male members organize surprise birthday parties for their kids, siblings, and spouse. Mostly, they opt for Online Birthday Cake Delivery to save their valuable time and energy.

Nevertheless, don’t you think your husband, dad, brother, or other male family members also deserve a surprise birthday party celebration? So, if you want to make the special day of any of the male family members worth-remembering, then the current discussion is quite fruitful for you.

Whether it’s your dad’s birthday or you want to plan a surprise birthday party for your husband, you should think about these funny and enticing cake ideas. Indeed, no one can resist these funny cakes for men.

  • Crossword Cake

So, does your father start his day by reading a newspaper? Or, what about your husband? Does he love the crossword section of the newspaper? If yes, then why don’t you think about something exciting and fun this time?

Obviously, we are talking about ‘Crossword Cake’ that not only tastes yummy but grabs everyone’s attention. Undeniably, it will bring an unmatchable smile to your man’s face and will win his heart.

However, it is somewhat necessary to know that not everyone can design crossword cake like a pro. It requires proper skills and expertise to bring perfection to the cake. That’s why; we suggest you choose the most renowned and well-reputed shop for this purpose and get the desired cake without any trouble.

  • MJ Cake

No doubt, Michele Jackson is the king of music, and everyone still listens to his song. So, if your son is a diehard fan of MJ, then we have something interesting for you.

You can order MJ cake for him with diamond gloves and a black hat made from sugar fondant. It is one of the most appealing and unique ideas and can make your son happy.

You can also buy it for your husband or brother as the cake is a superb choice for everyone.

  • Builder Cake

Generally, it is considered that a male family member can fix everything around the house. It’s their department, and they are good at repairing things. If your man is fond of repairing and fixing household items, you should try a builder cake for him.

A cake with builder tools on its top can surely bring a smile to everyone’s face. Also, the idea is unique and worth trying.

  • Pizza Cake

Find us a person who doesn’t love pizza. The fact is everyone loves pizza, and almost every other man is a pizza lover. So, if your man is a pizza lover, then you should think about buying a pizza cake for him this time.

Generally, kids love to eat pizza, too, so you can surprise a similar pizza cake for your baby boy too. It’s exceptional, full of flavor, and alluring as well. You can also buy an original pizza to glorify the joy of the event.

So, think outside the box this time and try pizza cake.

  • T-Shirt Stack Cake

If you think rainbow cakes are perfect for women and baby girls, you probably think wrong. You can buy a rainbow cake for men but with a bit of twist and fusion. Yes, we are talking about a T-Shirt Stack cake with an excellent combination of multiple T-shirts.

Indeed, it is a beautiful choice for T-shirt lovers.

  • Poker Cake
  • It is somewhat evident that men love to play poker. They plan poker sessions on weekends. If your man is a poker lover and is a pro at this game, he surely deserves a poker cake surprise on his birthday.

Don’t forget to capture the special moments, especially while presenting poker cake to your man.

  • Burger Cake
  • Kids, adults, older people, everyone loves a burger. The juicy, cheesy and soft burger is eternal love. Interestingly, boys love burgers more than girls (maybe they’re not much diet conscious, just kidding). So, order burger cake this time and see if your man loves this surprise or not.

Don’t forget to share his reaction with us.

Hope Your Man Has an Awesome Birthday

So, which of the cake mentioned above idea is appealing, tempting, and funny? Unquestionably, they all are unique and worth trying. So, try all these cakes and double the ecstatic and blissfulness of a birthday.

Don’t forget to choose the top-quality and famous cake-shop near to your premises. You can use the internet for this purpose as this way you can find out some reliable cake shops near to your area. Also, don’t forget to check their reviews and rating as it’s a great way to determine the overall reputation of a cake shop.

Hopefully, you will opt for the best cake shop that ensures perfection.