Genuine Guide to the Best Robotic Surgeon for Prostate

Best Robotic Surgeon

In today’s world, diseases are increasing day by day, and we come across new and different varieties of problems related to the human body.

Ailments in the Prostate are diseases that have different variations and impact the male body. As every problem comes with the solution itself, the best robotic surgeon for prostate can also cure these diseases.

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About Prostate:

This organ is found just beneath the bladder in men, and there is the tube that carries pee from your bladder.

Types of Diseases in Prostate:

There are three types of diseases related to this organ which are enlargement of the prostate which is non-cancerous, inflammation, i.e., prostatitis, and the other one is prostate cancer.


This is also called Prostatitis. This is common in the age group of men between 30-50 years.

There are two types of Prostatitis:

  • Bacterial prostatitis – a chronic bacterial infection
  • Non-bacterial prostatitis – also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)
  • Possible causes
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Stress from some chemicals
  • Chronic Anxiety Problems
  • Difficulties with Pelvic Floor Muscles

Non-Cancerous prostate enlargement

This problem is most common as the man gets older. The enlargement of the prostate gland causes the urethra to narrow and puts stress on the bottom of the bladder. This leads to the staying of urine in the urinary bladder, and it’s called acute urinary retention. This disease is very sensitive and is usually removed temporarily by placing a thin tube (known as a catheter) to remove the urine.

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Prostate Cancer

This type of cancer affects men whose age is above 50 years. In this, there is a tumor in the outer part of the masculine gland due to the large activation of prostate cells without any control and then spread promptly in the whole body where it develops secondary tumors mainly in bones.

There are different stages of this type of cancer; if someone gets to know about it at an early stage, then it can be cured at an initial stage but get to know at the last stage, then it can take the person’s life.

Robotic Surgery 

This surgery is gaining fame because of its accuracy during operation as compared to old surgery. This Prostatectomy surgery separates the whole prostate in which there is the removal of affected tissues and lymph. The robots perform all the tasks, but it is controlled by the surgeon who handles the forceps with master control. The surgeon monitors every work and movement step by step.

After this, the patient passes through Prostate-specific antigen, where negative results will be shown as cancer gets eliminated due to this radiation.

Success Rate:

According to a survey and report, out of 300 patients, there is a recovery rate of 70.8% who go under this surgery.

Worth of Robotic Surgeon:

It costs about $6500 in India, but this cost can go through above this in other countries. It all depends on the efficiency of the types of equipment and surgery.

Essentially, the robotic prostatectomy takes 2 to 4 hours or more, contingent upon the prostate size and life systems, just as the degree of medical procedure is required.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery:

  • The patient will suffer from less pain and acne
  • There will be minimal blood clotting
  • There will be fewer chances of infection after this surgery
  • The patients will get recover soon as well as they will not have to stay in hospital as this surgery takes some hours.
  • After some days of rest, the patient can start their normal activities
  • This robotic surgery can observe better results as compared to the old surgery

Hope this genuine guide will help you to seek more for Best Robotic Surgeon for Prostate.