Halfway Houses in Columbus, Ohio – Your Friend and Ally in the Fight for Sobriety

Halfway House

If long-term sobriety is your main goal in life, you must be thinking about halfway houses.

Usually, it is people who have already completed their medical de-addiction treatment who go to this type of facility.

What it is

A halfway house, whether it is in Columbus, Ohio, or any other state in the US is basically a place where former substance abusers stay for a brief period of time before they re-enter mainstream society.

This place can be called an extension of the de-addiction treatment, and it helps residents to work on their sobriety.

Pros of these houses

There are many benefits of halfway house in Ohio, such as:

  • They are a great transitional place. In almost all cases, drug addicts or alcoholics are cut off from society. Once they are free from that poison, they need a place where they can rediscover how to mingle with other people. At these halfway houses in Columbus, Ohio, they slowly acquire the social skills required to move seamlessly to real life. 
  • They help the residents control their urge to give in to the temptation of imbibing again. If you search for ‘halfway houses near me’ in Columbus, Ohio, and check their sites, you will learn that most of these places hold mandatory drug tests before admission and residents are expected to subject themselves to random drug/alcohol testing once inside too. This keeps a check on them and helps them to avoid relapses.
  • Sober living means structured living. Many alcoholics or drug takers lose their job and family with time. No one really wants to be with someone who’s zoned and stoned all the while. At these houses, residents are encouraged to take up jobs and do chores around the place. This helps them to take responsibility for their actions and themselves. Also, with a job, they gain financial independence and a sense of achievement.
  • Some houses offer weekly leases. This is to give residents who are facing financial troubles the chance to be able to pay the rent easily. Some houses also offer to set up a payment plan so that residents can get back on their feet without having to worry about forking out a huge amount at a go.
  • There are lots of meetings and therapy sessions held in these houses which offer help and encouragement to residents. This also includes 12-step meetings which offer spiritual guidance and boost the listener to heal oneself from within. 

Just like there are halfway houses, there are sober living homes. These are quite similar to halfway ones but with a few differences. These are:

  1. Sober homes are stricter.
  2. Most of these are privately owned.
  3. They have early curfews in place.
  4. Recovery-focused activities are offered here.

Each of these places has its own sets of benefits. The main aim, however, is the achievement of sobriety and independence from the yoke of alcohol/drugs.