Try These Treks in Himachal Pradesh!

Hampta Pass Trek

Himachal Pradesh is a paradise land country, and for those who want to start a lifelong love of mountains, it is located at the foot of the Himalayas. The best trips to Himachal offer the most natural way to discover the natural beauty of the realm. When evaluating your level of fitness and experience, it is best to choose one that is suitable for hiking on the Himachal Trail. Start with short excursions if you are new to hiking. However, it should not be confused with a guide in terms of length and level of difficulty. Y routes are the route to Baralacha-La, for example, which requires only three days of travel, but has a higher level of difficulty, a gradient, due to the high altitude. This trip will be closely watched by the world’s largest and youngest members from above.

Walkthrough winding streams, glossy rivers, and a huge forest of birch, deodar, silver, white oak, and pine on guided tours. – Because from simple to complex, excursions with a canopy and steep hiking in Himachal offers, as a rule, for people of all ages and all levels of experience and physical fitness. As for the Hampta Pass Trek Bhrigu Lake Trek, Beas Kund Trek and Kheerganga Trek, the Indrahar Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Trek, Chanderkhani Pass Trek, and Bhaba Pass Trek routes are suitable for beginners carrying medium to heavy load tours, which are some of the most exciting experiences.

Top Five Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s difficult treks, featuring barren mountains and stark, arid vistas of Lahaul on one side and lush, flower-clad Kullu valley on the other. This 25-kilometers trek is one of the top five treks in Himachal Pradesh and is suitable for beginner trekkers with an optimum level of fitness. The abundance of nature is one of the popular reasons for the attractions of the trek which keeps the trekkers’ adrenaline levels high. From lush green pines to deep oak and deodar forests, Hampta pass trek is rich in scenery that any nature seeker will enjoy. 

Kheerganga Trek 

Kheerganga Trek is located at the end of the beautiful Parvati valley and is one of the most serene, easy-moderate, and peaceful trekking locations in Himachal, well-known for its scenic beauty and mythological importance. It continues to draw millions of eager trekkers desiring spirituality and inner peace each year, and is undoubtedly one of Himachal Pradesh’s top five treks. The trekkers will pass through small villages, picturesque waterfalls, and enchanting snow-clad mountains on their way to the glistening Kheerganga river.

Bhrigu Lake Trek 

Bhrigu Lake Trek is located approximately 20 kilometers from Manali and is one of the most beautiful grassland treks of moderate difficulty in Himachal Pradesh. The location attracts a large number of trekkers due to its breathtaking alpine meadows and serene lake. Here, the meadows are spread out like a never-ending carpet, giving you a feeling similar to that of Switzerland, with grazing sheep and wild horses adding to the beauty. There is no other Himalayan trekking location that allows you to reach such an impressive altitude in just two days. This trek is one of the best summer treks in Himachal Pradesh because it is best done between May and June. Because the trails on this trek are a little too steep for a beginner, it could be a little intimidating. 

Indrahar Pass Trek

The spectacular Indrahar Pass, perched at a towering height of 14,245 feet above sea level, separates the breathtaking Kangra and Chamba districts.  Despite its short length, the Indrahar trek is considered to be quite difficult due to the trekking trail’s sharp ascents and steep climbs. This is one of the most exciting treks in Himachal Pradesh and one of the top five treks in Himachal Pradesh. The breathtaking views of the Mighty Dhauladhar, the lush green valleys, and the exotic flora and fauna will truly leave you speechless. The path runs alongside the calm, crystal blue waters of Lake Mankini and Lake Kareri. Hike through the steep terrain, mostly through Dhauladhar’s lush green landscapes.

Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati is a one-of-a-kind choice for those looking for challenging treks in Himachal. The trek leads you to an impressive height of 16,000 feet and provides you with breathtaking scenery. The trail is challenging, making it unsuitable for beginners or novices. This trek demands good stamina even for experienced trekkers. High mountain passes, undulating meadows, snowy landscapes, and boulders await you. Because it is a 9-day trek, you should be mentally prepared for it as well, Visit us: