Here’s What Your Hair Can Tell about Your Health


The human body is a sum of different parts. Indeed, all our body parts seem autonomous, but they function in unanimity. Moreover, our body has a unique signaling way, and it makes us different from the other creatures. A minor issue in one body part can have a severe impact on other body parts too. Also, such problems are the unmistakable sign of deeper issues too. But, do we know how to read these signs? What is the ultimate way to interpret them?

Like any other part of the body, our hair can also tell a lot about our health. If you are interested in knowing such facts, then the current discussion is quite ideal for you.

Here we are highlighting the importance of hair transplants in the UAE. Also, we will signify what your hair can tell about your health.

Generally, it is mistakenly assumed that the hair on the head is for embossing, i.e., they can make us look attractive and nothing else. Also, there is a misconception that our hair only glorifies our appearance, and it’s absolutely fine if they are not in good shape and healthy.

Do you think the misconception makes sense in real life?

Indeed, it doesn’t, as our hair is the key feature of our body. Its health has a great connotation with the fundamental well being of mind and body. It is somewhat necessary to determine the root causes of premature grey hair. Additionally, everyone should know the causes of itching, dullness, and dandruff in their hair.

Let’s start discussing all such issues in detail.

Causes of Hair Fall

Here are some leading causes of hair fall and premature grey hair.

  • Stress

Stress is one of the primary reasons for hair fall among people. Also, it causes premature greying among adults and makes them look old. Stress manifests itself differently, and premature greying is a significant indication of a stressed mind and body. There are several causes of stress, including hectic work-life routines and personal issues. But, stress is perilous for our body as it not only drains our energy and makes our hair dull. If you are noticing unhealthy or dull hair, then you are a stressed person.

We suggest you take part in healthy activities and give a new life to your hair and body. For instance, take some time for a walk and regular exercise to keep your body and hair in good condition. Moreover, quit smoking as it is hazardous for your physical and mental health. You can also take the help of professional psychologists or therapists as they can guide you better.

  • Anemia

Anemia is defined as a condition where our blood lacks healthy red blood cells. Resultantly, it negatively affects the supply of oxygen to different organs of a body. Surely, anemia has several drawbacks, but it causes a shortage of iron in the human body. Iron deficiency is not suitable for health as anemic patients shed more hair than an average person. Any unusual loss of hair may lead to hair fall. If you think you don’t have enough iron in your body or are shedding more hair, you should go for a blood test. Your doctor can suggest better treatment based on your reports.

  • Immunodeficiency

Sadly, immunodeficiency is quite common these days. It’s a condition where our immune system can’t fight better the deadly infections, diseases, and germs.  It prolongs then it can cause some inevitable problems in the human body. Most researchers have found significant connotations between dull hair and immunodeficiency, i.e., the problem causes severe dandruff and itching. However, if you notice excessive dandruff on your head, take it seriously and go to the dermatologist.

  • Lack of Protein

Protein is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Wondering how your hair signals a lack of enough protein in your body? Well, protein can keep your body and hair in desirable condition. If you don’t follow a protein-rich diet, then you can experience hair fall and premature greying. Your hair needs enough protein for healthy growth. Also, protein helps in keeping hair strong.

Sadly, protein deficiency can make your hair thin, and it leads to uncontrollable hair fall. So, if you want to enjoy a healthy life with strong hair, then include protein-rich food in your diet. You can take the assistance of professional dieticians as they can instruct you better. The experts can recommend you food that ideally provides enough protein to your body and hair.

Do You Have Healthy Hair?

So, based on the discussion mentioned above, do you think you have healthy hair? If yes, then you are a blessed person. If no then you have to take your physical and mental health seriously.