Hot Cross Buns: Myths and Traditions Surrounding It


No denial; nothing can beat the taste of Hot Cross Buns, especially when they get served with melted butter. Generally, the arrival of the spring season and Easter is considered the best time of the year to enjoy Hot Cross Buns Singapore without fear of getting fat.

Do you know what makes these buns inimitable and worth-trying?

Well, the inclusion of currants and raisins enhances the aroma and taste of these lightly spiced fruit buns. There is no compulsion to eat these little balls of joy on a special occasion as you can taste them whenever you want to. In fact, they are the best solution for your mid-night cravings.

Everyone is enjoying these hot cross buns for as long as they can remember because these buns’ detailed history is quite ambiguous, and not everyone knows about them.

Interestingly, there are so many myths, and traditions are associated with these lip-smacking buns. But are they true, or do they still exist?

Let’s figure it out together!

But before that, let us ask you a simple question.

Have you gotten a chance to eat these mouth-watering hot cross buns? Actually, these lightly spiced buns have a cross on their top, and you can enjoy them with different flavors of raisins and cinnamon. But, if you haven’t tasted them yet, surely you are missing a chance to create thrill with every bite.

Origin of Tasty Hot Cross Bun

As discussed earlier, the exact history of these buns is unknown, but they are generally enjoyed upon Easter’s arrival. In fact, they were quite popular during the ancient Greece period. However, the detailed history of these buns is ambiguous. That’s why; so many myths and superstitions are associated with them.

Nevertheless, it is somewhat interesting to have a quick look at these myths. Let’s see if they make any sense in real-life or not.

It is assumed that a 12th-century monk initially made these buns. People of that era believed in the fact that a monk prepared these buns. At that time, the pastry was used to make these buns. Or, sometimes, these buns were made by slicing the dough.

However, the exact period is unknown but let’s thank the person who introduced these super-amazing buns. They are great and the best choice for a tea-party.

Superstitions Associated With Hot Cross Buns

Do you know what makes them novel and full of flavor? The outstanding blend of unusual ingredients, including yeast, sugar, salt, flour, shortening, lemon strips, currants, a fair extent of flavors, and orange stripes, adds radiant flavor to these buns. The experts cook pipes these strips with a player to make a cross shape on the highest point of hot cross buns.

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There are several exciting and surprising superstitions associated with these buns, including;

  • Generally, most people genuinely believe in the fact that these buns can banish lousy spirits.
  • Mostly, the religious fanatics believe that the top of the bun’s angelical cross provides excellent protection from the evil forces.
  • Usually, most people hang hot cross buns in their kitchens during Easter time. According to them, hanging the bun in the kitchen protects them from evil forces.
  • One of the fascinating myths about these buns is that they strong love and companionship. If you bake and eat them with your friend, then you will remain best and closest friends for years.

So, do you think the myths mentioned above make sense in real-life too?


You can buy them at any time of the year, but they are an ideal choice for Good Friday. The availability of cross sign on bun’s top is to welcome good vibes and keep bad omen and evil spirits at bay. Previously, people were restricted from eating hot cross buns on a particular day. That’s why; they used to bake buns at home whenever they wanted to eat them on any ordinary day.

Religious fanatics also believe in the fact that such buns remain fresh for the whole year. The availability of a cross on the bun’s top avoids evil spirits and protects it from getting stale.


The ultimate purpose of the discussion mentioned above was to enlighten some interesting myths and facts about hot cross buns. You can enjoy them with your tea or coffee whenever you want to.