How Can Choose the Best IELTS Coaching in Pune?

IELTS Coaching in Pune
IELTS Coaching in Pune

How Can Choose the Best IELTS Coaching in Pune?


If you want to study abroad so you have to qualify IELTS exam that full form is the International English Language Testing System. And you have to get a score of 5.5 and above for admission to an overseas university. So today in this article information, we will discuss about IELTS and IELTS exams and the best IELTS coaching in Pune. You should go for training with which institutes. 

What is IELTS?

When we talk about IELTS so IELTS is an exam that is necessary for study in abroad. This exam is divided into two parts general and academic. You find four sections in the IELTS exam which are reading, listening, writing, and speaking. 

Things to Know Should for IELTS Exam

  • If you are interested in expressions, vocabulary, accent, and spelling so IELTS exam is the best for you
  • And in this exam, you can get scores of 1 to 9 
  • The examination result will be declared after 13 days from the exam date

What is IELTS for Work, Immigration, and Study?

When you research about IELTS exam so you find three types which are IELTS for work, IELTS for immigration, and IELTS for study.

And now we will discuss about three types of IELTS exams from which you will better understand. 

IELTS for Immigration

The IELTS for Immigration is profitable and beneficial for that person who wants to apply for PR in abroad. 

IELTS for Study

IELTS for the study is particularly profitable for all students who want to study abroad. And which wants to get a better university according to their own choice. And in the world, at present time, more than 10000 universities accept the IELTS exam. 

IELTS for Work 

IELTS test is accepted by companies that are hiring employers from across the world. And this exam is also profitable for those who are seeking to have PR from the. 

Fees for IELTS Course

When you want to join the IELTS exam in Pune so you should know about IELTS course fees in Pune before applying for registration. IELTS exam is held by the IDP education system and they evaluate English Language Proficiency Test. So according to the test type, IELTS exam fees are different. 

In the Pune, IELTS academic exam fees are approx 15000 per student and maybe more. And when you do not agree with your IELTS exam score so you can choose the rechecking option. But this option is available till 6 weeks from the date of result declaration. And you will have to give fees for score rechecking. 

When we discuss about IELTS cancellation fees in Pune, then the administration will cut approx 20-25% of the exam fees.

Which Documents Need for IELTS Exam?

And this is the major point of IELTS, you should have known about the required documents that are needed in the IELTS exam. And the most important document is a voter card or passport, and other identification proof. And you will need this identification proof for the speaking test. 

And according to the best IELTS institute experts, you should always take a pen, pencil, eraser, and many more things that are needed for the examination. And you do not need to take carry a photograph for the exam.


I hope that this information is helpful for the IELTS exam and now you can easily choose the Best IELTS coaching in Pune. And when I tell according to my own experience and knowledge, so Meridean overseas education consultants is the famous and best IELTS institute in Pune.