How Can You Apply For an Australian Partner Visa in 2021?


If you’re aware of a partner visa, then you would know that it isn’t as easy to apply as it seems. A partner visa is for people who are the married partners(either opposite-sex partners or same-sex partners) of Australian Permanent Residents, Australian Citizens, or eligible New Zealand Citizens to come and live with their partners in Australia.

The partner visa is for three categories of people, these are- marriage, prospective marriage, and de facto relationship. To those who don’t know, a partner visa is valid for the whole waiting period until the Australian Immigration Authorities come to a decision. If you are one of those who are seeking to apply for this visa, then you can contact a visa consultant in Adelaide, they are experts in every type of visa.

How Does a Partner Visa Work?

First of all, you will have to send an application for both a temporary and permanent visa which can be accomplished by completing an application & filing it with the righteous authorities. Once filed, it goes for a thorough assessment. If the criteria are met, you will get a temporary visa. This visa remains valid until you get the permanent visa that is usually given a couple of years after the application is lodged. Even after 2 years, if you can stand out on the requirements of a permanent partner visa, then it will be yours.

The permanent visa can be yours in the scenario that you and your partner have been involved in marriage for more than 2 years and a child(that’s dependent on you & your partner) is also there. There is one more scenario if your partner has been given a permanent visa based on the Australian Humanitarian Program or has been given a protection visa, then the two-year waiting period is automatically waived off.

What Are The Requirements Of An Australian Partner Visa?

To get an Australian Partner Visa, you will have to stand on certain requirements. These are:

You can either be in or outside the country when you get the partner visa approved by the authorities.

You must also abide by all the necessary rules, regulations, and laws of the Australian Government.

Even after two years, you must meet the legal criteria two years after the visa is handed over to you.

You must also pay for the visa costs and application process.

You must bear the costs of health examinations as well as medical check-ups(this can sometimes feel over-burdening).

You will also have to go under police check-ups and you might have to pay for this to be processed in your own country.

What Is The Duration Of a Partner Visa?

You must know that there is no strict duration for a partner visa and all the variants of partner visas come up at different times, so the exact time cannot be confined to any number. However, the people who are applying for provisional Australian Partner Visa get to review their application after living for two years with their prospective partners in the country. After the timeframe of 2 years of provisional partner visa, the immigration authorities re-review the application and check if the person deserves to stay in Australia on a permanent visa or not. However, to get that, the couple needs to be in a genuine and loyal commitment with each other. In an unfortunate scenario, if the couple breaks up or takes a divorce from each other, the provisional visa of the non-resident may not get approval to be converted to a permanent visa. Or, they might even be deported back to their home country.

But, once the permanent partner visa is approved, there are no more restrictions. You can live an obligation-free life in Australia even if you are with your partner anymore.

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The Final Word

It is not hidden that Australia is a country of dreams and everyone wishes to settle there. One of such ways to settle there is a Partner Visa, but don’t take it too lightly. There are a lot of barriers that you will have to cross to get that. And, this can also be achieved through the thorough assistance of a partner migration consultant in Adelaide. With them, you will never be alone and can easily surpass all the underlying obstructions of traveling to your beloved one and the land down under.