How to Convert Quicken to QuickBooks?

convert Quicken to Quickbooks

Quicken and Quickbooks are two accounting software designed to meet the customer’s expectations. Both of them have different features. Quickbooks is more advanced than Quicken. Many businessmen prefer to use Quicken in the initial days of business and later on move towards Quickbooks when business grows. If you also want to convert Quicken to Quickbooks to meet the business essentials then read the detailed process below. 


You can convert Quicken to Quickbooks online in two simple ways that include converting directly to Quickbooks desktop or using the Quicken converter to upgrade the file first. So, scroll through this full post to initiate the conversion process. 


Convert Quicken to Quickbooks: Key Points to Consider

  • The user becomes unable to reverse the conversion from Quicken to Quickbooks. This indicates that if you converted the Quicken file then it can not be reverted back. Also, you will not get access to this file in Quicken. 
  • In case you used Quicken software on Mac, then Quicken Mac files need to be converted first into Windows files as only windows files of Quicken can be converted to Quickbooks. 
  • Make sure to make a backup of the Quicken data that is going to be converted in order to access this data in Quicken software. 


At what conditions you can use Quicken Converter

  • Quicken converter can be used if you are migrating from a Quicken version that is not a parallel version of Quickbooks desktop such as Quicken 2017 to Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2009. 
  • If you have used Quicken in Mac, then the converter and the conversion utility in Quickbooks becomes unable to convert Quicken for Mac data file. So, it is recommended to first convert the data file to Quicken for Windows or create a new Quickbooks company. 
  • Furthermore, if you have a version of Quicken which is parallel to Quickbooks then you can skip using the converter and convert straight to Quickbooks through the conversion utility. 

So, these are the situations in which you can use the Quicken Converter. Now let’s move into the steps below and start the procedure of converting Quicken to Quickbooks online. 


Convert Quicken to Quickbooks Online: Steps to Conduct

Step 1: Through Quicken Converter

The user first needs to ensure that there is not another version of the Quicken converter installed in the system. If it is then you need to uninstall it from the system and download the suitable version of the tool that matches the year version of Quickbooks desktop.

  • Quicken 2021 converter
  • Quicken 2020 converter
  • Quicken 2019 converter
  • Quicken 2018 converter
  • Quicken 2017 converter

Now move towards the steps to install and convert.

  • To initiate, try to launch the downloaded Quicken converter then hit on the next button. 
  • Now just select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  • Click on the Next button now.
  • In the next step, you need to start the installation of the Quicken converter.
  • Then, choose next and press the install button. 
  • After that, just select the Quicken converter followed by hitting the finish button. 
  • Moving on, select I am transferring data from Quicken for windows.
  • Now, click on the get started button.
  • Later on, select open a data file located on this system.
  • Also, opt for the select file option.
  • You need to browse now to choose the Quicken file and hit OK. 
  • In this step, select convert it and again press the OK button. 
  • End the process by saving the new Quicken data file.
  • To do so, choose the Save and Edit option next. 

Once the file is upgraded to a compatible version of Quicken, the users of Quickbooks can proceed further by using the conversion utility in Quickbooks. 


Step 2: Search for .QDF, not .QFX

Quicken converter indicates that it is creating a .QFX file along with a .QDF file. This is the file that needs to be converted. For that, move to the upgraded .QDF file in a folder named Q18Files or Q17Files located at the same location as the original Quicken file. You can find that the .QDF file might also have the same name as the original data file. 


Step 3: Using Conversion Utility

With the use of the conversion utility, you can convert the Quicken file in Quickbooks. 

  • The first and foremost thing that the user needs to do is to move to the file option and choose the utilities option.
  • Then, select convert and also opt for from Quicken. 
  • Next, click on the Quicken file that you want to convert. 
  • In the ending part, you will be provided the rest steps to conduct the conversion. 

Alternatively, press the F1 key to open the help window in Quickbooks desktop. This will provide you further details related to the conversion utility. 



Converting Quickbooks to Quicken will surely become easy with the following steps. We wish that you have successfully ended the conversion process. But, if performing these steps is not your cup of tea then take some help from the Quickbooks customer care team. The team will convert the software on their own.