How To Earn High Returns Using Peer To Peer Lending?

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Peer to peer lending is relatively a new option, but it is an excellent opportunity for individual investors who want to invest in loans. P2P lending offers a higher interest rate than traditional finance institutions. No bank is involved in such a type of lending, and borrowers are connected to investors through online P2P platforms. You should remember the following things if you want to earn incredible returns from P2P lending.

Check Transparency 

If you don’t want to lose your investment, choose a reliable Peer to Peer lending platform. You should check the credit experience of the platform. You can check the transparency of the platform by reading the customer reviews. Also, make sure that the platform is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Start Small

If you want to earn significant returns, it is only possible if you do not burn your hands en route. Always start by investing a suitable proportion of your allowance depending on your risk appetite. And then grow your portfolio steadily and organically.


Spread your investment across multiple borrowers and different loan types. The higher the diversification, the higher is spread of risk. Set criteria and lend to a number of borrowers according to your specified criteria. Risk Averaging 

All P2P platforms assess borrowers’ profiles through a strict process and put them in low risk or high-risk grade. You should set a target distribution of low to high-risk profiles to reach your expected return. Always keep a good mix of all profiles.

Tread Carefully 

If you are investing all your money in high-risk borrowers, you can get a high return. Think again because these borrowers are considered high risk because their credit evaluation shows they are at high risk of default. So it is better to spread your capital among low, medium and high-risk borrowers

If you invest cautiously, peer to peer lending can provide you with high returns, a passive income source and help you diversify your portfolio.

Earn Through IFISA

Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account provides an effective way of earning maximum profits using Peer-to-Peer lending. You must look at these aspects before making the account on the online platform, so you can receive the maximum returns.

For how long do you need to invest your money?

How much amount of return will you get?

How much minimum deposit is required?

What are the management costs?

You must search for the high amount of profits with no or low charges.

Gain Profits from more than one IFISA Investment Type?

You can start and operate only one Innovative Finance ISA in every tax year. However, you can also make payments in the cash based ISA and the stocks and shares based ISA as well. You only have to ensure that you do not cross the ISA allowance limit for all your ISAs. Your ISA allowance is £20,000 for the tax year starting from 2020 and ending in 2021.

For instance, you can pay £6,000 for cash ISA and £4,000 for stocks and shares ISA. So you are left with £10,000 that you can still add to your IFISA account. The funds in each of the ISA can be divided according to the way you like. It must not exceed the £20,000 limit. So by making various types of investments you can increase the chances of gaining higher profits.