How to get Pakistani Designer Dresses in US?

Online Pakistani Dresses

The US is a multi-cultural society, and many Pakistani people live there; still, it can be hard to find a Pakistani store or boutique in your local area. Going to a brick-and-mortar store might be your first choice since you get to try before you buy, but it might not be your best choice.

Of course, an online store has some disadvantages; you can’t feel the fabric or try the dress on for size. However, it is far easier to find a Pakistani online store, such as Studio by TCS, and buy a stunning Pakistani dress that can be delivered to your door and returned if necessary.

Buy them in-store

Pakistani stores and boutiques can be tough to find in the States, but they exist and can be a worthwhile way to buy Pakistani dresses. When you go into a store or boutique on the high street, you can touch the fabric and try on the dresses making sure they fit perfectly.

The trouble is that not many of these dedicated Pakistani dress stores exist, so you might have to travel a bit to find one. However, an internet search should tell you where the best ones are, which you can keep in mind when you travel to that part of the country.

Buy them online

However, traveling to shop in-store doesn’t suit everyone, especially if you have a special occasion coming up that you need a beautiful dress for. In this case, your best alternative is to shop for Pakistani dresses online. Again, Studio by TCS is an excellent place to start.

Shopping at studio TCS is the same as walking into a high street boutique. Browse the categories and view the beautiful Pakistani dresses from the comfort of your home. Of course, you can’t try them on, but you can use the efficient returns policy if you’re dissatisfied.

Buy them second hand

Lastly, you might want to buy your Pakistani dress second-hand at a thrift store – there are pros and cons to this. Thrift stores exist both online and offline, so you can decide whether you want to seek one in your local area or browse an online marketplace.

The advantage of buying Pakistani dresses online is that you can often find a quality item for a cut-down price. Perhaps it’s an anniversary or a wedding you’re attending; second-hand Pakistani dresses might only have been worn once or twice and are often sold “like new.”


Buying a dress for a special occasion isn’t always easy; you want as much choice as possible to get the style right, but you also want plenty of opportunities to try the dress for size and to see if the fabric suits the occasion. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find a store in the US unless you travel.

An excellent alternative is to shop for Pakistani dresses online; the Studio by TCS website has a wide range of stunning Pakistani dresses for any occasion. Conveniently browse their online store and select a dress that jumps out at you. If it doesn’t fit, you can return it or re-size it.